Cognitive Systems

What can I do with my major?

Cognitive Systems grounds students in the principles and techniques used by both natural and artificial intelligent systems.


What can I do with my major?

Cognitive systems emphasizes the study of existing systems (e.g., perception; linguistics), the design of new ones (e.g., machine vision; machine intelligence), and the design of interfaces between different forms of intelligent agents (e.g., human-computer interfaces).

Get experience

Building your career takes more than academics. Complement your studies with relevant experiences. Whether you choose one of the experiences below that are particularly suited for Cognitive Systems students, or one of the many other great opportunities available, you’ll learn new things, make new friends, network, and set yourself apart. It all counts.

  • Community experience

    Work and learn in community settings. Take a course with a community-based experiential learning component and develop community development, research, policy, decision making and career skills. Whether it’s a course or signing up for Trek & Reading Week placements, International Service Learning or a grant project in community, you’ll build skills in real-world settings and make invaluable connections with people in community. Learn more.

  • Go Global

    There’s a lot to learn when you venture out into the world.  Go Global allows you to learn from a new vantage point, explore different schools of thought, take courses that may not be available at UBC and help you culminate an international perspective. Learn more.

  • Arts Tri-Mentoring

    Connect with alumni, industry and faculty mentors. Arts Tri-mentoring matches 1st and 2nd year students with a senior student and an alumnus to explore networking and the professional world. Learn more.

  • Arts Internship Program

    Build a career while you are studying through part-time, unpaid internships designed with Arts students in mind. Exciting internships are being created at non-profits that allow you to apply your valuable classroom knowledge and skills to the world of work and gain industry contacts along the way. Check out exciting internships you can apply for. Learn more.

  • Arts Co-op Program

    Gaining paid, full-time, relevant experience will help you explore career options in non-profit organizations, government, and the private sector across Canada and abroad. Completing a co-op term can help put you on a fast track for a successful career in your field of interest. Graduate with career skills, experience, and a network of professional contacts that will give you a competitive edge after graduation. Learn more.