What's next?

Get experience

Every time you put yourself out there to explore new things, whether on campus, in the community or internationally, you're building skills and understanding a bit more about who you are and how you fit into the world.

Make the most of UBC - get involved, access jobs and career-building resources. Take advantage of just some of the programs and resources at UBC, and you’d be surprised at how your networks will have grown and how much experience you can draw on when moving onto the next big thing in your life.

On Campus experiences »

Get hands on experience and venture off campus to make connections. Here's your chance to learn and experience how complex socio-economic issues and policies play out in community settings. Get perspective on how you can impact community and how community impacts you.

Community experiences »

We're living in a globalized world. Introducing yourself to the culture of another region by living, studying and working abroad builds independence, initiative and adaptability - important traits that employers are constantly on the look out for.

International experiences »

Explore Career Topics

Your major is important, but it doesn't define or predict your professional direction. You do. The experiences you have, the people you meet, and what you learn about yourself along the way all contribute to building your career.

Explore majors »

Whether it's attending a talk, workshop or a networking event, take advantage of in-person resources and chances to connect with others.

Career-building events »