Distance education

UBC's Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology (CTLT) offers credit courses and programs to students who require the flexibility of off-campus study.

Choosing distance education

Some students may choose to complete a significant part of their degree program by distance. Others may select only one or two distance courses, simply for the experience of learning at a distance.

Distance education courses typically carry full credit toward degree or certificate programs in accordance with the requirements of the UBC faculty concerned.

If you are enrolled in a UBC degree program, contact your faculty advising office before registering for a distance education course. It's important to ensure that you meet program requirements and faculty guidelines for distance education.

Courses & registration


You can find information about courses offered on ctlt.ubc.ca. All of our courses are included in the Academic Calendar.


Registration is available through the Student Service Centre (SSC), unless otherwise indicated.

If you register for a distance education course, it is important to keep your mailing and email addresses current on the Student Service Centre (SSC), as instructors and CTLT staff will contact you using the email address provided there.