Maintaining loan eligibility

Make sure you're registered in the right number of courses to be eligible for government student loan funding or interest-free status. Some UBC programs aren't eligible for government student loans. If you’re not sure about your program, contact Enrolment Services.

Undergraduate students

To maintain loan eligbility and/or interest-free status, you need to be registered in at least 60% of a full-time course load (80% if you have Newfoundland or Quebec loans) to be considered full-time. 

  • A course that runs the whole school year - September to April - is counted half in Term 1 and half in Term 2.
  • The exact number of credits required depends on your program. 

Find your program's course load requirements for the Winter Session (September to April).

Search the Course Load Guide

See below for Summer Session course information.

Graduate students

Maintaining Full-Time Status

Most graduate programs at UBC don’t have minimum course load requirements. In this case, to be eligible for student loans and interest-free status, you must be paying full-time fees and have either continuing status or be registered in course or thesis work.

Graduate Programs With Minimum Requirements

The following programs have minimum requirements:

Part-Time Graduate Programs

Graduate programs that are exclusively part-time are not eligible for government student loan funding through full- or part-time loan programs.

If you’re not sure if your program qualifies for government loan funding or interest-free status, contact Enrolment Services.

Distance education courses

Distance Education courses can be considered toward your course load requirements, as long as they:

  • Begin and end in the same session (Winter or Summer)
  • Don't have significantly different dates from on-campus courses  

You may be able to modify your Distance Education course dates to meet these requirements.

  • For distance courses at UBC, read about Course Accelerations.
  • For distance courses from another institution, please contact their financial aid office to see if your course dates can be modified. You'll need to submit the course information to UBC so that we can count the it toward your course load requirements. Contact Enrolment Services to discuss Split Enrolment.


If you modify your Distance Education course dates to meet requirements and then reverse the modification, you may no longer be eligible for your loan funding or interest-free status.

Students with a disability

Taking summer session courses

To ensure your eligibility for loans or interest-free status during the Summer Session, make sure you:

  • Are registered in at least 9 credits
  • Are registered in at least 12 consecutive weeks of course work - this will require course(s) in both Summer Term 1 and Summer Term 2
  • Have no breaks longer than 10 business days between courses

Summer terms

Please note that not all summer courses follow regular Term 1 and Term 2 dates. If your course dates are shorter, please read the information on shorter courses below.

Term 1
Course dates May 11 – June 18
Exam period June 22 – 26
Total study period May 11 – June 26
Term 2
Course dates July 6 – Aug 13
Exam period Aug 17 – 21
Total study period July 6 – Aug 21

Taking shorter summer courses

If your course dates are shorter than those listed above, you must ensure you have a total loan period of at least 12 weeks with no breaks longer than 10 business days.  If you do, you can apply for your loan online entering your own study dates. 

UBC will need to confirm your dates with an Appendix 3, which will be sent to UBC automatically when you submit your dates.

If you are not sure if your study dates will qualify for government loan funding or interest-free status, contact Enrolment Services.

Taking distance education courses in the summer

If you will be taking distance education courses as part of your minimum course load requirement, please ensure they meet the criteria outlined in the distance education section above.