UBC Accessibility Shuttle frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Shuttle users

Who can use the UBC Accessibility Shuttle service?

UBC students, staff, faculty, residents and visitors who have temporary or permanent conditions that impact mobility can use this service.

What if I travel with an attendant?

When you book your ride, please tell the dispatcher that you will be travelling with a designated attendant.

Can my friend or partner travel with me on the shuttle if we are going to the same place?

The Accessibility Shuttle has limited seating and is reserved for those who have temporary or permanent conditions that impact mobility. People without mobility concerns or physical disabilities or people who aren’t designated attendants are asked to meet those using the service at their destination.

Will there be people in the shuttle other than shuttle staff and me?

Most likely, yes. The Accessibility Shuttle is a shared ride service that may be transporting more than one person at a time. The shuttle can hold up to 3 passengers at a time.

Are animals allowed on the shuttle?

Only registered assistance animals are allowed on the Accessibility Shuttle.

Where do I pick up my shuttle ride?

You pick up your ride at the designated shuttle stop that you booked. Look for shuttle signs affixed to posts nearby. These signs demark the specific pick-up location. Check out the shuttle services map for information on where stops are located.

Is there room on the shuttle for my mobility aids?

Yes, the shuttle has a trunk which can transport your mobility aids. Please note that there is limited storage room in the trunk and larger aids may not fit. If you use a larger mobility aid please ensure you inform the dispatcher when making your booking.


Booking a shuttle

How do I book a shuttle? Is there a booking deadline?

To book or cancel a trip on the Accessibility Shuttle, call 604 822 9929. 

Bookings are made on a first-come, first-served basis. Wait times can vary, depending on demand. Book ahead to ensure a more timely and reliable service. 

If you leave a voice message to book your trip, you will receive a call back to confirm your ride by the end of the following business day.   

How far in advance can I book my trip?

There is no limit to how soon you can book your shuttle ride. However, please be aware that the UBC Accessibility Shuttle service does not remind you of your booking, and people who do not show up for their ride may lose booking privileges for a set amount of time.

I’d like to use the shuttle service every day to get to my class or office in the morning. Can I book the shuttle on a recurring basis?

Yes, recurring bookings can be made on a term by term basis.

How do I can cancel a reservation?

Call 604 822 9929 as soon as possible. You may leave a message if your call is not answered. Clients who do not cancel and do not show up for their ride may lose booking privileges for a set amount of time.

It is difficult for me to walk around campus. Can I book multiple rides from one location to another throughout the day? 

You may schedule up to three one-way rides per day.

How long will I have to wait for a same-day ride?

Wait times can vary, depending on demand.

Why do I need to book ahead?

To use the Accessibility Shuttle, we need you to agree to our terms and services. For that reason, it’s important that you book ahead. Even if you’ve ridden with us before, we need a record of your ride in our system. Right now, that means booking ahead every time.

Can I just get on the shuttle at a designated stop without pre-booking my ride?

All rides need to be booked ahead of time by calling 604 822 9929.

Fares and service times

Do I have to pay to use the UBC Accessibility Shuttle service?

No. The UBC Accessibility Shuttle is a free transportation service.

How long will I wait to be picked up?

Wait times may vary. While it is our goal to provide on-time service, pickups may vary somewhat from designated times due to severe weather, construction, traffic detours, and other unforeseen conditions. It is your responsibility to schedule your pick up early enough to reach your destination on time.

Once I am picked up, how much time should I allow to reach my destination?

Transfer times do vary depending on road conditions, weather and other riders. Please allow for up to 30 minutes from when you are picked up to when you are dropped off at the designated stop.

Can I book a ride to get to the bus loop after my final exam ends at 9:00 pm?

No, the UBC Accessibility Shuttle offers services from Monday to Friday between 8:00am and 7:00pm. Please make alternative arrangements if you require assistance after service hours.

AMS Safewalk can be contacted between 8:00pm-2:00am if you feel unsafe traveling alone across campus. Please check their hours as they may change depending on the time of year.

Shuttle service area

Where does the shuttle go?

The Accessibility Shuttle has designated pick-up and drop-off locations that transport clients to areas that otherwise can only be accessed by foot. People are responsible for making their own way to designated shuttle stops that are located close to parkades and transit. See the shuttle service map for details.

Does the Accessibility Shuttle connect to parking lots and transit?

Yes, the shuttle stops close to the North, West, Fraser River, Rose, and Health Sciences parkades. The North Parkade stop is nearest to the Transit Exchange and the Alumni Centre is the nearest to the Trolley Bus Loop. The North and West Parkade stops are nearest to Community Shuttle stops.

Due to the high volume of traffic and ongoing construction, the shuttle is not able to access the Main Bus Loop or the Trolley Bus Loop directly.

The Accessible Shuttle does not have a stop where I need to go. Can you take me there anyways?

No, the Accessibility Shuttle only transports people to areas that otherwise can only be accessed by foot such as areas that have limited vehicle access and parking. Other areas of campus can be reached with proximate accessible parking or by using transit. Learn more about the public transit on UBC campus.

Do you have any tips on how to plan my trip to campus?

Here are some useful links to plan your trip to campus:

  • Visit TransLink to plan a trip to campus that works for you. Not all TransLink stops are wheelchair-accessible. 
  • Go to UBC Campus and Community Planning for details about transportation on campus.
  • Go to Translink for details about door-to-door HandyDART shared ride service.
  • Go to UBC Wayfinding for a detailed map of campus building including information on accessible entrances and locations of power and manual doors.
  • Disability parking spaces are available across campus if you have a SPARC decal.

A special needs permit will allow you to park in UBC parkades at reduced rates. For details about this permit, please contact the Centre for Accessibility

About shuttle staff and program

Who runs the Accessibility Shuttle program?

The program is being by the UBC Centre for Accessibility in collaboration with Campus and Community Planning. All of the drivers and dispatchers are UBC students who are working part time.

What do I do if Shuttle staff acted inappropriately?

All comments, reviews and inquiries can be sent to the Shuttle Coordinator. We take client comments and feedback very seriously and will always try to respond promptly. Please email your feedback to accessibility.shuttle@ubc.ca

I have ideas on how to improve the service. Where can I submit my comments?

The Centre for Accessibility encourages you to provide  feedback to help shape recommendations for the program. Please email your feedback to accessibility.shuttle@ubc.ca