Register for Courses at UBC on Exchange

Exchange students' access to courses and how registration works

Registration Overview

Many faculties, schools, and programs at UBC are open to visiting exchange students; however admission into some programs is limited. Please be sure to check the faculty-specific restrictions noted on this page, and be aware of the faculties or schools that are not open to exchange students. Some  programs have limited space or courses that are not available to exchange students. 

Faculties or Schools Not Open to Exchange Students

  • School of Audiology and Speech Sciences
  • School of Journalism
  • Faculty of Medicine
  • School of Nursing
  • Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • School of Rehabilitation Sciences

**Please note that the School of Law is only open to exchange students coming to UBC through Law-specific exchange agreements

Course Registration Process

UBC's Course Schedule allows you to browse courses being offered in current academic year at each UBC campus. After receiving your final course requests, we will help with as much as we can. However, we cannot guarantee access to specific courses, even if they are required by your home university. Please check out the following to PDF documents for more information about course registration process.

Course Numbers and Levels 
Generally, courses at UBC are numbered as follows

100: First-year
200: Second-year
300: Third-year
400: Fourth-year (final year of undergraduate degree)
500+: Graduate-level courses

Course-load Requirements 

  • Undergraduate exchange students typically take between 9 and 15 credits per semester at UBC, depending on degree requirements at their home university. Go Global is not able to advise you on the minimum course load required by your home university.
  • Students must maintain registration of minimum of 9 credits per term to be considered as a full-time student at UBC.
  • If you are living on campus or considering working with a valid Study Permit, you must maintain your full-time student status.
  • There is a credit limit for both full year (30 credits/year) and single-term students (18 credits/term). 

Getting Permission to Take a Restricted or Full Course 

If you want to take an undergraduate course offered by Faculty of Arts or Faculty of Science that is full or restricted, you must first complete this Registration Form, have it signed and returned to Go Global after arriving on campus.

For undergraduate courses offered by other faculties that are full or restricted, you can visit the advising office of the respective faculty after arriving on campus to seek approval.

Taking Graduate-level Courses 

Undergraduate students wishing to take graduate-level courses are required to complete the Enrolment of Undergraduate Exchange Students in Graduate Courses form after arrival at UBC. 

View more information about taking graduate-level courses under the Faculty of Graduate Studies section below. 

Faculty Specific Restrictions