Arts Program Restrictions for Exchange Students

Including Economics courses at UBC

Programs with Restrictions

Chinese Language (CHIN)

ALL incoming students who wish to take ANY CHIN-titled courses (or CNTO or CLCH 389/399) are required to complete an Online Placement Questionnaire to obtain a placement approval for registration. Students without approval will be removed from the class.

Students may not enroll in more than one level of Chinese Language in the same term.

Creative Writing (CRWR)

Most 200-level courses are available. 400-level and 500-level courses are not open to exchange students. If you are requesting 300-level courses, please submit the following documents to

  • Syllabus/course outline of the pre-req courses you have taken at your home university
  • A short writing sample in English, maximum 10 pages, ideally in the genre you want to take.

For any questions related to CRWR course requests, please email

Economics (ECON)

The scope of ECON 310 is approximately the same as that of ECON101, and it is intended for upper-level students only. Credit will be granted for only one of ECON 310 or ECON 101. Additionally, ECON 311 is the equivalent to ECON 102.

Courses that are not available:

  • ECON 390, 490, 492, 495 and 499 
  • Courses that are restricted to special programs such as Bachelor of International Economic courses (BIE), Coordinated Arts, and Vantage College 
  • Graduate courses (500-level)

Courses that need approval:

  • Honours courses are open only to top students with averages of 85% and above with approval from the department: ECON 304, 305, 306, 307 and 425 have limited availability.
  • ECON 364. Students wishing to register should contact the ORICE Office (Faculty of Arts Office of Regional and International Community Engagement).

English (ENGL)

Limited availability in ENGL courses:

  • First-year (100-level) courses are not available.
  • ENGL 210, ENGL 211, ENGL 489, ENGL 490, ENGL 491, and ENGL 492, courses for English Honours are not available.

Film & Theatre (FIST, FIPR, THTR)

Limited availability in Film Studies (FIST), Theatre (THTR), and Film Production (FIPR) courses. Many courses are restricted or not open to exchange students, especially FIPR courses.

First Nation and Indigenous Studies (FNIS)

  • FNIS 310 and FNIS 320 are restricted to FNIS majors and minors only.
  • FNIS 400 is restricted to FNIS majors only. 
  • All other FNIS courses offered (including graduate-level courses) can only be taken with permission from the instructor. 

French (FREN)

Students are required to have completed at least three years of French and can participate comfortably in courses taught exclusively in the French language in order to study French while at UBC. Below that level, we offer only a single French language course per term.

Media Studies

The following courses in the Bachelor of Media Studies are not open to exchange students: FIPR 233, FIST 240, FIST 340, INFO 250, INFO 419, and INFO 456 (they are restricted to UBC BMS students only).

Political Science (POLI)

There is limited availability in POLI courses. All first- and second-year courses are open to exchange students.

  • Political Science or International Relations majors may register in a maximum of three 300-level courses/term.
  • Non-Political majors may not have access to 300 level courses.
  • Fourth-year seminars not available (all 400-level courses are seminars except for POLI 465).
  • Graduate courses are limited.

Psychology (PSYC)

Graduate courses are not available.

Courses that require permission from the PSYC Department:

  • PSYC 359, 361, 365, 367, 368, 404, 409, 460, 461, and 462
  • Directed Studies: PSYC 340, 440, 388, and 488 require permission after students arrive

Courses not open to exchange students (no exceptions):

  • PSYC 270, 277, 278, 370, and 371 (these courses are restricted to UBC degree-seeking students in the Behavioural Neuroscience program)
  • PSYC 349/449

Visual Arts (VISA)

There is limited availability in VISA courses. A portfolio is required for students interested in studio art courses (except for 100-level courses, which are open to all students).

University Writing Centre Courses (WRIT)

WRIT 098 and WRIT 099 are open to exchange students but are not covered under your tuition waiver. You will need to pay tuition for these courses.