Science Program Restrictions for Exchange Students

Including Computer Science courses at UBC

Programs with Restrictions

Some courses in the Faculty of Science are similar enough to other courses in the faculty that students can only obtain credit from one. Review the Credit Exclusion List to determine which courses count towards the same credit. Please do not list more than one of these courses in your selections.

Science courses with laboratory components may have restricted enrolment because they are requirements for UBC students. Connect with the relevant department if you're interested in taking any of these courses.

Marine Science

MRNE courses are taught at the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre (BMSC) located on Vancouver Island. Students wishing to attend these courses must submit a separate application to BMSC. Additional fees will apply.


  • Limited space in PHYS 210, 219, 229, 309, 319, 348, 408, 409A, 409B, 420C (Lab or seminar type of courses i.e. 348 and 420)
  • PHYS 401, 402, 473, 474 are honours courses restricted to Engineering Physics and our honours students. Available if space permits. Exchange students with strong academic standing can be considered. After being registered, students need to speak to the instructors at the start of classes to  ensure they truly meet the prerequisites for the courses.
  • PHYS 349/447 are directed research courses. Department approval is needed.
  • PHYS/ASTR 449 are not open to exchange students.