Sauder program restrictions for exchange students

Including Commerce and Commerce Human Resources courses at UBC

Programs with Restrictions

Students nominated by their home university and admitted to exchange at the Sauder School of Business are allowed a maximum of 12 credits of COMM/COHR per term. Additional credits may be considered if space is available.

Exchange students not admitted to the Sauder School of Business (e.g., admitted to Faculty of Arts or Faculty of Science) may request to take commerce courses, but enrolment is limited and not guaranteed.

  • Courses at the graduate level (500 and 600) are not available (Business Administration, EMBA courses)
  • BUSI and COEC courses are not available
  • COMM101, 202, 286V, 311, 466, 486B, and dual degree courses (COMM 120, 126, 220, 320, 321, 328, 420, and 421) are not available
  • Limited enrolment in second-year courses (200-level)
  • The following are commerce courses for non-commerce majors: COMM100, 329, 398, 458, 465, 473, and 493