Equity Ambassadors

Do you have a passion for social justice? Join the Equity Ambassadors!


Who can apply?

Open to undergraduate and graduate students from all faculties.

No. of positions available15-20
Time commitment

2-4 hours per week*

*for mandatory time requirements, please review position description

Position description

Equity Ambassadors Position Description 2020-2021

Skills developed
  • Leadership skills in communication, presentation and facilitation, team-building, collaborative decision-making, and community building.
  • Meeting organization, presentation development, and project management.
  • Dialogue facilitation and conflict resolution
  • Critical thinking (understanding intersectionality, social justice issues on campus and beyond)


Application Process

You will be required to respond to 3 short answer questions as a part of the application: 

1. Why do you want to be involved as a student leader? 

2. What do you hope to learn through the role? 

3. Please identify 2-3 strengths and/or qualities that will help you in the role. Be sure to refer to your past experiences that have helps you develop them. 

Application is now closed.