Wellness Peers

Wellness Peers support students’ wellbeing by promoting proactive wellness strategies.


Who can apply?

This is a position for graduate students in any year level or program. (Undergraduate recruitment happens in January.)

No. of positions available4-6
Time commitment

4-6 hrs (see position description for more details on hours and mandatory dates)

Position description

Graduate Wellness Peers Position Description 2019-2020

Skills developed
  • Gain skills in health promotion, health education and communication
  • Gain interpersonal skills and communication skills
  • Develop leadership skills and build confidence as a student leader
  • Get training in specific issues relating to student health and wellbeing
  • Gain job-related skills and experience needed for academic programs


Application Process

Complete the application using the link below. You will be required to respond to 3 short answer questions. Applications close July 5, 2019.

Application is now closed.

More info

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