Young man and woman inside a collegia space

UBC Collegia Advisors

UBC Collegia Advisor positions allow for fun and meaningful engagement with first-year students.  These paid roles provide a healthy balance of leadership development and academic well-being.

UBC's Collegia program provides a “home away from home” for first-year commuter students. Each collegium is a comfortable and welcoming place to socialize, study, eat, relax between classes and activities.  Over the year, first-year commuter students will get to know fellow collegium members and form friendships.

UBC Collegia Advisors, animate the spaces and act as a vital peer network. Advisors educate Collegia members about the different resources available to first year UBC students and, by sharing their own experiences, these student staff members act as a UBC ambassadors and role models. Advisors are integral of the success of the Collegia program.

If you are ready for personal growth and wish to expand your UBC network, apply for this exciting student leadership opportunity.