UBC Collegia Advisor

Looking to help build a community on campus? Apply for a Collegia Advisor position today!


Who can apply?

Any undergraduate student.  Preference for students who have previously been a commuter at university/college.

No. of positions available42
Time commitment

Training begins Monday, August 19, 2019.

Full Time work from Aug 19-30th for Training and the Jump Start Collegia program.

Regular work schedule is 10 hrs/week for the 2019-20 academic calendar year.

*Please refer to position description for detailed time requirements and training

Position description

Collegia Advisor Job Description

Skills developed
  • active listening
  • development and implementation of educational and social programming
  • peer helping
  • conflict resolution skills
  • development of wellbeing strategies
  • building community through understanding


Application Process

The following questions will be required for your application:

  1. Why are you interested in the Collegia Advisor role? What do you hope to learn and contribute in your role as a Collegia Advisor and why is this important to you?  (MAX 150 Words)
  2. Briefly describe a time that something unexpected happened mid-way through an important project (e.g. classroom, workplace, artistic endeavor, etc.). Please ensure to touch on the situation, what your action was, and the result of the situation. What did you learn? (MAX 150 Words)
  3. As a Collegia Advisor, you will be working with new-to-UBC students from diverse backgrounds, with diverse knowledge and experiences. How would you foster community with a group of new-to-UBC students? (MAX 150 Words)
Applications are now closed.

More info

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