Planning an inclusive event

Inclusive events recognize that members of the community have different physical, cultural, and accessibility needs and that these differences should not preclude any community member from attending and engaging with other members of the community at an event.


In order to achieve this, principles of a respectful, inclusive, and caring campus community are incorporated in all stages of event planning. This includes reflecting on the goals and intentions of events early on, ensuring promotions and marketing materials are respective and positive, and considering accessibility for all in the selection of venues, food, and activities.

Events will:

  • Foster and model a caring, respectful, and inclusive campus environment in all aspects of the event - from promotion to implementation to evaluation
  • Promote respectful dialogue, engagement, and debate
  • Be planned and executed in a manner consistent with university policies and legal expectations
  • Be respectful of university property and community members in managing logistics
  • Provide a safe environment for participants
  • Contribute to a positive, fun, and stimulating campus community
  • Encourage and facilitate the active participation of diverse community members
  • Be promoted with inclusive, positive, and respectful advertising and messaging (themes, posters, images, etc.)

UBC students, faculty, and staff will:

  • Take responsibility and be accountable for ensuring the safety and security of all participants in their event(s)
  • Integrate principles of inclusivity and accessibility in event planning, promotion, and execution
  • Familiarize themselves with relevant university policies, procedures, and regulations for events
  • Model the principles and expectations of the UBC Respectful Environment Statement
  • Reflect on the promotional materials, theme(s), and activities of the event(s) and the potential impacts of the messages on the diverse UBC community
  • Seek assistance from the university and AMS resources when necessary to meet their obligations as event organizers and gain training to assist them in meeting their responsibilities as event organizers

UBC will:

  • Make policies, procedures, and regulations relevant to event planning publically available and accessible to event organizers
  • Maintain an up to date list of resources for event organizers to support them in planning safe, inclusive, and respectful events
  • Encourage and support community-led event planning and initiatives
  • Provide transparent information and communication to policy changes, event approval and booking processes
  • Endeavour to streamline event approval and booking processes to encourage flexible and impromptu community animation