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Sexual Assault Awareness Month

January is Sexual Assault Awareness Month at UBC

What is Sexual Assault Awareness Month?

Since 2010, January has been Sexual Assault Awareness Month at UBC. Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) is an initiative that aims to raise awareness and understanding about the issues surrounding sexual assault. Sexual Assault Awareness Month is a collaborative initiative involving many campus partners to provide inclusive and action-based programing.

Colouring images

These colouring images are meant to compliment the weekly themes of Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and were created to allow you to join the conversation in a different way/without using words. Colour, learn and heal.

  • Print outs of images will be available at select SAAM events, for more information on events take a look at our calendar of events/click below
  • Check back for new colouring images during SAAM

We want to acknowledge and thank Ryerson University for the inspiration for these coloring pages. Ryerson - A Colouring Boook for for Survivors and Supporters

Artist Bio:

Lucia Lorenzi is an illustrator and hand-letterer based in Vancouver, B.C. Her artistic practice is influenced by her love of literature and tattoo culture, as well as her lived experiences as a feminist and survivor. Lucia is also a recent graduate of the doctoral program in the Department of English at UBC, and she conducts research on representations of sexual violence in literature and other media.

SAAM 2017 weekly themes

Jan 3-7: Join the conversation 

Jan 9 -13: Sexual assault is everyone’s issue

Jan 16-20: Supporting survivors

Jan 23 - 27: Creating cultures of consent

What is sexual assault?

Sexual assault is any unwanted sexual contact within or outside a relationship

It can include anything from unwanted sexual touching to forced sexual intercourse without a person’s consent, and also includes the threat of sexual contact without consent.

Sexual assault affects people of all ages, genders identities and expressions, racial identities, abilities and sexual orientations

Most people know the person who assaulted them. They can be someone the survivor knows a little, such as a first date, or very well, such as a good friend or partner. Sexual assault can involve situations where sexual activity is obtained by someone abusing a position of trust, power, or authority. Many people do not tell anyone of their assault, or even realize it was an assault, until months or years later.

Wear a denim day sticker

Wear denim and a Denim Day sticker on January 18 to show your support for ending sexual assault on campus.

Join the conversation, sexual assault is everyone’s issue. Get your sticker at the following locations:

  • Centre for Student Involvement and Careers, Brock Hall, 1036 - 1874 E Mall  View Map
  • Sexual Assault Support Centre, UBC Student Nest, 3127 - 6133 University Blvd View Map 
  • Wellness Centre, Irving K Barber, 183 - 1961 East Mall View Map


In 1998 an Italian court overturned a rape charge because the victim was wearing tight jeans. The ruling stated that because the victim's jeans were so tight‑, she had to have helped remove them and as a result gave consent to her attacker.

Enraged by the verdict,‑ people around the world launched into protest‑, showing support for the victim by wearing denim to their places of work. Wear denim and show your support for survivors of sexual violence.

Denim Day Sticker

Attend a SAAM event

More events

January 11


Creative Self-Care: A Writing Workshop with author Amber Dawn

Host Organization: AMS Sexual Assault Support Centre

All participants must register at:

For further information, please see the Facebook event

January 11


Shades of Resistance: Healing through Art

Host Organization: AMS Sexual Assault Support Centre

Facebook event 

January 19


Race, Racialization and Sexual Assault workshop

Host Organization: AMS Sexual Assault Support Centre

Location: AMS Student Nest, room 2504

Facebook event

January 24 & 26

11:15-1:45pm & 11:45-2:15pm

Consent Booths - Learn About Consent

Staffed by Wellness Peers

Location: 2nd floor, Iriving K Barber Learning Centre

View map

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