411 Seniors Centre Society [FULL]

About the project

On February 22nd, seniors of 411 Seniors Centre Society are dedicating this day to share the heartfelt stories about their lives. The seniors are multicultural and have a variety of experiences. The society, in cooperation with a project leader and a student leader from UBC, is looking for enthusiastic student volunteers who would like to contribute to this meaningful event with a musical performance to accompany their story telling. During February 20th to 22nd, we will have two rehearsals and one performance of seniors and students working in collaboration. Music performance is a great way to make the seniors’ storytelling much richer and deeper. By supporting such self-expressive art activity, we ultimately aim to help enhance the older adults’ voice, and play a role in improving and sustaining their wellbeing.


Kick-off Orientation :

Saturday, February 2 -  12:30pm – 4:00 pm

Project :

Wednesday, February 20 & Thursday, February 21 - Rehearsals at 411 Seniors Centre Society

Friday, February 22 - Performance at 411 Seniors Centre Society

What you will do

In February, student volunteers will receive more information regarding the content of the seniors’ stories in which we will prepare suitable music to go along with each story. It is up to the students’ creative musical knowledge and skill to prepare music that will help enhance the storytelling. Each student will be paired with a senior and will collaborate together to make the event of February 22nd truly meaningful and personal. It is important to be respectful when interacting with the seniors and staff, as well as be mindful of and sensitive to the different cultures and experiences of each person. Through this opportunity, student volunteers will gain experience working with seniors in a project-based environment as well as participate in intergeneration learning while gaining/improving communicational and collaborative skills.

Students will be supported throughout the music preparation and when carrying out the performance by peers and staff, so you need not worry about feeling like you have to know how to do everything yourself! It is a collaborative process, and we will provide the support needed.


• Enthusiasm and interest in engaging with seniors

• Interpersonal and communication skills

• Collaborative skills

• Intermediate musical skills

• Have transportation to 411 Seniors Centre Society during the project dates

• Able to bring own instrument to play at the centre

(A digital piano will be available at the Society.)

Placement location

411 Seniors Centre Society

411 Seniors Centre Society

#704-333 Terminal Avenue
Vancouver, BC V6A 2L7

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