Vancouver Child and Youth Mental Health and Substance Use Local Action Team [FULL]

About the project

Transitions in life can be scary. And the transition from elementary school (Grade 7) to high school (Grade 8) is a big one. Sometimes one of the first big life changes for a young elementary student. This project is meant to give voice to the concerns young students in Grade 7 who will be graduating to Grade 8 next year by inviting UBC students to sit down with these young students to talk about their concerns. UBC students will host these conversations in partnership with Vancouver LAT representatives, then work together to bring the issues and concerns brought forward by these discussions to forum for parents, youth workers, etc. the next evening. We hope this event will provide both insights and helpful resources for anyone supporting a young student.

As part of the project, we hope UBC students who participate will be open to sharing their own experiences with transition and use their own experiences to help bring voice to the concerns and issues brought up through this project.


Programming Dates
Kick-off Orientation Saturday, February 8 - 12:30pm – 4:00pm

Tuesday, February 18 from 9:00am - 5:00pm

Wednesday, February 19 from 9:00am - 5:00pm

Thursday, February 20 from 1:00pm - 9:00pm

What you will do

Students volunteer will make up three teams, each with a unique set of roles and responsibilities to bring this Reading Week project to life. Each team will have the following focus:

  1. Event planning and logistics, documentation and evaluation
  2. Planning and holding the young student conversations
  3. Planning and hosting the parent forum

Depending on the team, each UBC student will take one some of the following roles and responsibilities:

  • Plan events, assist with logistics, ensuring the availability of spaces required (e.g. auditorium).
  • Assist with event setup and preparation on day 1 of the project. 
  • Document details and data from student discussion. 
  • Analyze data, identify emerging themes, concerns. etc. 
  • Compile pre- and post- evaluations of student discussions and adult forum.
  • Develop questions and conversation topics to talk about with grade 7 students. 
  • One or two students to photograph/video record the event.


  • Experience working with youth 
  • Strong communication and problem solving skills 
  • Experience with facilitation 
  • An awareness of sensitive issues and willingness to act as a role-model
  • Ability to exercise tact and discretion as needed
  • Interest in and/or knowledge of indigenous cultures and communities  
  • Knowledge of inclusivity/ safe space practices 
  • Students with creative talents who would like to contribute their talents to this project are welcomed!

Placement location

School Location - TBD

School Location - TBD

Vancouver, BC ---

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