Criminal Record Checks

Please take a few minutes to submit a free criminal record check. This is required of all Trek students before starting a community placement.

Option 1 - Online

This option is available only if you:

  1. Have had a Canadian address for the last 2 years, and
  2. Have a credit history for the past 6 months (i.e. have had a credit card for the past 6 months)

Instructions: Fill out the online form and use this access code: JSV3ZKEEUX. Under "Applicant's Position/Job Title", please indicate "Trek Student".

Option 2 - Paper form

This option is available for students who:

  1. Have not had a Canadian residence for the past 2 years, or
  2. Have lived in Canada for the past 2 years but do not have any credit history within the last 6 months

Instructions: Print out and complete this PDF form. Make sure to check the boxes on page 2. Email a scanned copy to (preferred) or bring it to our office (2131 - 2260 West Mall) during office hours. 

Important to note:

  • Your signature must be done by hand. The ministry will not accept a digital signature. 
  • If you are emailing your request, please save both pages in ONE PDF. Separate documents will not be accepted. 
  • Please save your document using the following naming convention: FIRSTNAMELASTNAMEYEAROFBIRTH.pdf (i.e. JANESMITH1998.pdf)

Guidelines for submitting a check

  • Many community partners cannot have you start your placement until you are cleared.
  • If you are under 19 you will need a parent or guardian to sign.
  • The following can delay the clearance and your placement:
    • Unclear or messy printing
    • Inaccurate birthdates
    • Missing parental signature
    • Incorrect addresses

After you are cleared:

  • You will be notified by email.
  • If your community partner simply needs to know when you are cleared, a CCEL staff will notify them directly.
  • If your community partner requires a physical copy of your Criminal Record Check, you may need to come into the CCEL office (Wesbrook 300) to pick up a physical sealed copy to deliver to them.