Eligibility: Exchange, Research + Study Abroad

The following are the eligibility requirements to participate in a Go Global Exchange, Study Abroad, Summer Abroad or Research Abroad program. Please read through them carefully, and don't hesitate to see a Go Global advisor during drop-in advising hours if you have any questions or concerns.

Eligibility requirements

Go Global Requirements

  • You must have at least a 70% average in your most recent academic term:
  • We are looking at your Winter Term 1 (September-December) grades if you’re applying for:
    • Main exchange deadline (December)
    • Summer study at a partner institution (deadlines usually in December or February)
  • We are looking at your Winter Term 2 (January-April) grades if you’re applying for Round 2 Exchange deadline (May)
  • You need to be a UBC student in good standing (e.g. not be under academic or non-academic discipline).
  • You should have full-time student status (as defined by your faculty) in the year prior to your Go Global experience.
  • All undergraduate students (except Arts) must have third or fourth year standing during your exchange or study abroad program.
  • See additional faculty-specific requirements below.

These criteria are set to ensure that you'll be prepared to thrive academically while abroad. Please see a Go Global advisor to discuss possible appeals or exceptions to the UBC requirements outlined above. Please speak to your regional Exchange advisor six weeks prior to applying if you require academic or other accommodations abroad.

Final term abroad:

It is recommended that students return to UBC for at least one term after your Go Global program before graduation in order to allow for the transfer credit process to be complete.

Going on exchange or study abroad for your final term requires approval from Go Global and your faculty advisor. Start by meeting with a Go Global advisor. In this meeting we will discuss program and transfer credit timelines, and possible risks or consequences associated with your plan. Then you will meet with your faculty advisor to discuss your degree requirements and eligibility for graduation. It is also recommended to meet with your program or departmental advisor.

Students cannot graduate before all transfer credit is processed and degree requirements are complete. Due to normal transfer credit processing times, it is not possible to graduate in May if you finish your degree requirements while abroad in Term 2. As transfer credit equivalencies are not always determined before your exchange or study program ends, there is also a risk that your transfer credits may not meet your remaining degree requirements, and you may need to return to UBC for additional courses.

Faculty Requirements

  • Undergraduate students (except Arts): You must have third- or fourth-year standing during your Go Global experience.
  • Arts: You can go abroad in your second year. You need to complete the Writing Requirement prior to going abroad.
  • Science: To be eligible, Science students must be promoted to at least third year at UBC for the period they will be on Go Global, have their science foundation requirement completed, at least 3 credits of communication course work completed and be firmly established in their science specialization. Transfer students must spend a full year at UBC before going abroad.
  • Law: You must have an overall average of 70% in the year that you are applying for Go Global. You must have second- or third-year standing during your Go Global period. If you are a transfer student, you can only go abroad for one term.
  • Graduate students: You must have finished at least one year of full-time studies at UBC before going abroad and be a student in good standing with the support of your supervisor. Once accepted and matched to your partner institution, to ensure courses will transfer you will need to get approval of your study plan and written permission from the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies and your supervisor before you go on exchange. G&PS may have additional requirements around number of credits you can transfer and minimum grades you must obtain per course. Please follow up with them for further details.

Please speak to your Go Global Advisor six weeks prior to applying if you require academic or other accommodations abroad.

Partner University Requirements

Individual partner schools may have different requirements than those listed above. These could include language level assessments, cumulative average requirements, or a particular year level standing. Please check the Go Global Partner University pages through the search tool or the Summer Abroad pages to ensure you meet the correct eligibility requirements. These criteria are not eligible for appeal.

Please speak to your Go Global Advisor six weeks prior to applying if you require academic or other accommodations abroad.

Tips and tools: Applying for exchange, research, and study abroad

  1. Check to see if you’re eligible to go.
  2. Plan your finances by  creating a budget.
  3. Visit the Resource Library to browse a collection of international student handbooks, course catalogues, and departmental overviews.
  4. See what courses at your host university can count towards UBC course credits in the "Courses + Transfer credits" section of the individual partner pages.
  5. Talk to your faculty advisor about your degree requirements.
  6. Use the study plan tool (pdf) to map out the courses you need for graduation and how exchange and study abroad fits into that. 

Advising hours

Go Global is not providing in-person service at this time. 

Please email Go Global for questions or to book an online advising session.

Go Global Vancouver

When emailing us, please include:

  1. Your UBC student number in the subject line
  2. Your full name
  3. Which category of student are you:
    1. if you are a current UBC degree student interested in Go Global programs, include some relevant information like the type of program or region of the world you are interested in
    2. If you are an "outgoing UBC student" participating in a Go Global program, please mention the name of the program or host university you are matched to
    3. If you are an "incoming student" (from another university), please mention the name of your home university and which category of student you are (exchange, VIRS, Tec de Monterrey)

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