After nomination - a timeline of events

Congratulations! You have been nominated to a partner university! There are still some crucial steps you must take before you go.


What you should be doing and thinking about

  • You have applied for exchange and your application is being reviewed
  • This is a good time to make sure you have a valid passport; your passport should not expire until six months after you intend to return from your exchange experience
  • If you are a Commerce Student, your faculty advisor may email you to request an interview (if you chose a competitive university partner)
  • You may be notified early if your host university has earlier deadlines
  • You will receive your nomination email that gives details about the next steps, instructions to complete your exchange experience, and details about the pre-departure program
  • Summer programs often have earlier application deadlines. Besure to review our page on how to apply to your host university
  • Fall departures, Summer, and Term 1 departures: participate in the pre-departure program (mandatory)

Fall departures

  • Review accommodation information on your host university’s website
  • Review and submit your host university’s application and all supporting documents to Go Global by the deadline as indicated in your Application instructions email (deadlines can be as early as May)
  • Research the visa requirements for your host country
  • Go Global will register summer students in their EXCH code
  • Summer students pay their UBC tuition or partner institution’s tuition prior to leaving for exchange
  • Summer students complete the online Safety Abroad Registry, including signing the Student Mobility Agreement

Summer students

  • Once you have received confirmation of acceptance, finalize all travel arrangements including visa, airline ticket, health insurance, etc.

Fall departures

  • Pick-up your acceptance letter from your partner university at Go Global. You will be notified by Go Global when the letter arrives. If you have received it via email or hardcopy to your home address, be sure to notify Go Global within 2 business days of receipt.
  • Once you have received your acceptance letter, apply for your visa (if necessary) and buy your plane ticket
  • Complete the online Safety Abroad Registry, including signing the Student Mobility Agreement
  • Pay your $100 registration fee on the SSC
  • Go Global will register fall and spring students in their EXCH code
  • Pay your UBC tuition prior to leaving for exchange

Fall departures

  • You will notice that you are registered in EXCH on the SSC.

Spring departures

  • You will receive a nomination email from Go Global with information about your host university application and pre-departure program
  • Review all the application requirements for your host university application including supporting documentation
  • Review accommodation information on host university website
  • Make sure your passport is valid for at least six months after you return from your exchange – if not, renew it immediately

Spring departures

  • Complete and submit your partner application to Go Global (the deadline could be as early as September and October)

Spring departures

  • Register for and attend the pre-departure program (mandatory)
  • You may receive your acceptance letter any time between October and early December - you will either receive the letter directly, or you will be notified by Go Global to come and pick it up.
  • Complete the online Student Safety Abroad Registry 

Spring departures

  • Once you have received your acceptance letter, apply for your visa (if necessary) and buy your plane ticket

Spring departures

  • Pay your UBC tuition prior to leaving for Exchange

Advising hours

Drop-in advising hours (UBC Vancouver)

Monday: 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Tuesday: 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm 
Thursday: 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

UBC Life Building, Main Floor

Note: Term-based exchange advising will be cancelled on Monday January 20.

You might not need to see an advisor. General questions about Go Global Exchange can be answered at the Go Global Main Office in the UBC Life Building (Vancouver) or by emailing

Summer Abroad Extended Drop-in Advising - Vancouver

January 27 – February 6, 2020, Every weekday afternoon from 1:00pm – 3:30pm

Go Global Vancouver

When emailing us, please include:

  1. Your UBC student number in the subject line
  2. Your full name
  3. Which category of student are you:
    1. if you are a current UBC degree student interested in Go Global programs, include some relevant information like the type of program or region of the world you are interested in
    2. If you are an "outgoing UBC student" participating in a Go Global program, please mention the name of the program or host university you are matched to
    3. If you are an "incoming student" (from another university), please mention the name of your home university and which category of student you are (exchange, VIRS, Tec de Monterrey)

Go Global Vancouver

Telephone: 604 822 0942

Fax: 604 822 9885

UBC Life Building
6138 Student Union Blvd
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z1


9:30 am - 4:00 pm
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