Register for courses for your time abroad

Course registration at your host university

You will receive information from your host university before arrival about course registration.

The course registration process and timeline varies greatly between universities and can be quite different than at UBC. For example, at some universities there may not be an add/drop period for your courses like at UBC, or course registration may only happen when you arrive. In other cases, you may have a very small window of time to register for courses.

Course content and availability at your host university may change. Go Global cannot guarantee access to specific courses or whether available courses will meet your degree requirements.

See information on course transfer credits between your host university and UBC.

UBC course registration and tuition while abroad

Every student participating in a Go Global program will be registered in the appropriate section of an EXCH course by Go Global.

When Go Global registers you in an EXCH course,  it will show on your Student Service Centre (SSC), and specify that you are participating in an exchange program.

Registration in EXCH will allow you to retain your eligibility for scholarships and loans while you are away and your status as a UBC student. 

Winter Session tuition

Tuition fees are determined based on 15 credits per term for EXCH (unless you have a letter from the Centre for Accessibility that recommends a reduced course load). 

Summer Session tuition

Tuition fees are determined on a per-credit basis for Summer Sessions. For example, if you only register for one course that is 3 credits, you will only have to pay for those 3 credits. 

Study abroad tuition fees

A small number of partnerships (study abroad programs) require you to pay a similar amount of tuition directly to the partner university. If this is the case, you do not have to pay tuition to UBC. You will pay your tuition fees to the partner university.