Go Global Exchange: Pre-departure program

What is Pre-departure?

Going on an exchange experience is an amazing opportunity. However, with it comes the inevitable relocation to a new place and a new culture. As such, the Pre-departure program is designed to

  • Help you develop realistic goals and expectations of your experience.
  • Equip you with tools and mindsets that will help you while on exchange.

Pre-departure policy

UBC is committed to preparing students for safe and successful international experiences. In order to achieve this, any student participating in a Go Global Program must complete the following:

  • All UBC Student Safety Abroad requirements
  • Go Global Program-specific pre-departure requirements (includes both online and in-person components)

Failure to successfully complete these and any other requirements may result in withdrawal from the Go Global Program.

The exchange pre-departure program is an integral part of your international learning experience, designed to help you in your personal, academic, and administrative preparation. Students going on Summer, Term 1, and Full Year exchanges will participate in the Pre-departure program in March. Students going on Term 2 and split-year exchanges will participate in the Pre-departure program in October.

Go Global Vancouver

When emailing us, please include:

  1. Your student number in the subject line
  2. Your full name and if you are an incoming or outgoing student in the body of the email

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