National Taiwan Normal University

City: Taipei
Language of instruction: Chinese
  • 3 campuses in Taipei: main campus, Gongguan campus (home to the College of Science) and Linkou campus
  • One of Taiwan's elite institutions of higher education
  • 11,000 students each year (of which 1,500 are international students)
  • 58 academic departments and graduate institutes, divided between 10 distinct colleges
  • This university melds past and present, with historical setting and modern convenience: well-preserved Gothic style, red-brick buildings, Vienna palm trees 
  • Convenient public transit

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Partner university's areas of study

ArtsCommerce (UBCV)EngineeringFine ArtsForestryHealth SciencesLand and Food SystemsManagement (UBCO)Science

Notes on Language of Instruction

  • More than 100 English-taught courses offered, and some instructors can teach in English when required
  • For Mandarin courses, a language assessment is required
  • Level 4 of TOCFL or New HSK 4 required if taking courses under Department of Chinese, Department of East Asian Study, and Department of Taiwan Culture, Languages, and Literature


Terms offered

Term 1Term 2Full year Term 1 + 2 (UBC Term 1 start)Summer

Who can go?

  • Exchange students can take coursework in most areas of study
  • Please research applicable course restrictions on NTNU's exchange website

Term dates

  • Term 1: Early September to Late February
  • Term 2: Early March to Late August
  • Summer: Late June to Late August

Summer program

Courses + Transfer Credits


Course equivalency formula

  • Same as UBC credits
  • MTC - Mandarin Training Centre - 1 quarter (180 hours = 9 credits)

Credit transfer process

The transfer credit process takes approximately 16 weeks following each submission deadline. You should allow sufficient time to meet important deadlines that may affect you (e.g. application for graduation, registration in courses that require prerequisites that you took on exchange, entry to a major/honours program, etc.)

For more information about Go Global transfer credit

Course Information

* Students who have special requirements or require academic accommodation should contact a Go Global advisor regarding their needs at least six weeks prior to the application deadline.

Type of Go Global Experiences

Exchange (pay UBC tuition)Graduate research

Course information and restrictions

  • Foreign students may take regular degree courses offered by participating departments, OR  
  • Mandarin training program at the Mandarin Training Center (MTC), studying only Mandarin language and, for more advanced students, Chinese culture
  • MTC has its own schedule of four 12-week quarters, unlike NTNU regular classes - exchange students take one or two content courses in addition to MTC courses
  • When selecting courses, ensure that they are available in the semester for which you are applying

Partner Course Information

Transfer credits and equivalent courses at this university

Check out the courses that students have successfully transferred back in the last 3 years. If you don't see a course you need listed, it simply means you need to submit the course to be evaluated through the Transfer Credit Portal while on exchange.

* Areas of study at partner universities are subject to change. This list is to be used as a general guideline and is not exhaustive; research the partners' websites for additional course information.

UBC Vancouver

UBC course: ANTH 217
Title: Language & Culture
Partner course code: ENU 0065
Language of instruction: English
Evaluated date: 2018-03-09
UBC course: ARTS 1st
Title: Globalization Studies and Concerns
Partner course code: 02UG 003
Language of instruction: English
Evaluated date: 2016-11-03
UBC course: ARTS 1st
Title: Chinese Calligraphy
Partner course code: CLU 0043
Language of instruction: Chinese
Evaluated date: 2018-04-05
UBC course: ARTS 2nd
Title: Introduction to the History of Film
Partner course code: ENU 0208
Language of instruction: English
Evaluated date: 2016-11-03
UBC course: ASIA 2nd
Title: Discovering Taiwan
Partner course code: TCU 4006
Language of instruction: English
Evaluated date: 2018-02-22
UBC course: ASIA 3rd
Title: A General Introduction to Chinese History
Partner course code: CLU 0080
Language of instruction: Chinese
Evaluated date: 2018-02-22
UBC course: ASIA 3rd
Title: Introduction to Chinese Cultures
Partner course code: CLU 0084
Language of instruction: Chinese
Evaluated date: 2018-06-05
UBC course: ASIA 3rd
Title: Forms of Asian American Literature and Film
Partner course code: 01UG 011
Language of instruction: Chinese
Evaluated date: 2018-02-22
UBC course: ASIA 3rd
Title: A General Introduction to History of Chinese Thought
Partner course code: CLU 0126
Language of instruction: Chinese
Evaluated date: 2018-02-22
UBC course: ASIA 3rd
Title: Masterpieces of Chinese Literature: Classic and Modern
Partner course code: 0HUG 248
Language of instruction: English
Evaluated date: 2019-06-03
UBC course: CHIN 231
Title: Global Seminar: Learning Chinese in A Living Classroom in Taiwan
Partner course code: CHIN 234
Language of instruction: Chinese
Evaluated date: 2019-08-01
UBC course: FIPR 1st
Title: Audio visual media creation
Partner course code: VDU 0142
Language of instruction: Chinese
Evaluated date: 2019-12-20
UBC course: SCIE 1st
Title: Introduction to Astronomy
Partner course code: 06UG 004
Language of instruction: English
Evaluated date: 2018-02-28
Tuition, Fees and Awards

Exchange tuition

  • 15 credits or equivalent full-time program fee per term, paid to UBC
  • Summer students attend through our exchange agreement and pay tuition to UBC based on the number of credits earned at the partner institution
  • Some exceptions may apply

Scholarships + awards

  • New NTNU Award for UBC Students: students who are accepted to study on exchange to NTNU will receive NTD 7,000 per month
  • This award applies to Winter and Summer Session exchanges to the Mandarin Training Centre (maximum award allocation is 10 months)
  • Award is open to Canadian citizens only

The Go Global award $1000

All students accepted to Go Global for Exchange, Research Abroad, or Study Abroad programs are automatically considered for this award. If you meet the eligibility criteria, you'll be notified of your award after you're accepted to Go Global and after you get nominated to apply to the partner university.

Additional awards

Students who are eligible for awards may receive one UBC or UBC-affiliated international learning award. If you're eligible, you are always offered the highest-value award. Unless stated otherwise, you need to meet eligibility criteria set out by the University Senate regarding awards.

Check out international learning awards and eligibility.

Information for US students

If you are a student from the United States, please check the US Department of Education Lookup Tool to ensure that any partner institution you wish to attend on Exchange is Title IV ‘eligible’ for Federal Student Aid for the year in which you intend to study there. For institutions outside of the US, select “Foreign Country” from the “State” dropdown menu.

If you attend an eligible institution, then you may receive Title IV federal student loans while on Exchange.

If you attend an ineligible institution:

  • You will not be eligible for US federal student loans,
  • You may invalidate any US student aid you have previously received for your studies at UBC,
  • You may be required to immediately begin repaying your US student loans, and
  • You may not be eligible for any future US student aid for the remainder of your studies at UBC.

Types of accommodation available


Housing notes

  • Students are welcome to apply for on-campus housing, but it is not guaranteed
  • Cheap dorm rates, convenient classrooms across the street, snack bars and launderette just around the corner

Information on Accommodation

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