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Coursework:  POLI 326 European Politics: Selected Cases. EU Study Tour (3 credits)

Poli 326 is taught by Prof. Kurt Huebner

The EU Study Tour & Internship Program (EUST&IP) is an academic activity with a difference.

The EUST&IP is an immersion inside the European Institutions. Through seminars and briefings, participants have ‘face to face’ contact with the leaders and policy-makers actively involved in the daily work of the European Union, other European institutions, diplomatic representations to the EU (including Canada) and significant civil society organizations.

There are briefings from the following institutions (partial list): European Commission, Council of Ministers, European Parliament, European Court of Justice, European Central Bank, Canadian Mission to the EU, Quebec General Delegation to the EU, delegations from Turkey and Russia, NATO, and many more.

Locations are key sites of European institutions and civil society organizations (please note that locations are subject to change): Brussels, Luxembourg, Strasbourg, Frankfurt, Antwerp and Hachenburg.

Participants come from universities across Canada (including Dalhousie, Toronto, York, Carleton, Montreal, Victoria, Bishops, and UBC).

The European Union Study Tour & Internship Program

After the Study Tour, if you are a successful applicant into the EU Study Tour, you may also consider the Internship Program that is an optional program. This substantial internship opportunity is with European institutions and can be for two to six months in duration. Most internship positions commence immediately following the completion of the Study Tour but longer internships may begin later.  However, the Internship is not coordinated through Go Global.

General timeline

Program dates:

There will be 4 or 5 preparation seminars at UBC, between late January and mid-April, 2018.  Dates and times TBD.

The 2018 EU Study Tour will occur for a three-week period during the month of May, 2018. 

Arrival date in Brussels: Sunday May 6 OR 13 (TBD)

Last day in Brussels: Saturday May 26 OR June 2 (TBD)

The optional internship program will begin Monday June 4. This only applies to tour participants who decide to join the internship program. The dates and locations of the internships will vary, but many will take place in Brussels from June 4 until August 3, 2018. There are a few internship opportunities outside Brussels, with different start times, and different durations.  (Participants in the internship program will have an opportunity to inform program director of preferences and constraints regarding dates/locations of internship). Internships are non-remunerating.


No specific eligibility requirements.  Preference shown to fourth-year undergraduate students in political science and International Relations.  Third year students, and those in other disciplines (international studies, economics, commerce, journalism, etc.) are also encouraged to apply, particularly if student has completed coursework in the politics, economics and history of Europe. 

Program fees and costs

The program fee is $3,915 (approximately)*. The final fee depends on the number of students in the program. Students do not pay the Go Global fee when applying to a Global Seminar. The Go Global fee is built into the Program Fee and is payable upon acceptance to the program.

All qualifying students will receive a $1000 Go Global Award. The Award is provided after all Program Fees are received by Go Global     


In country group accommodations

Program related travel (public transportation, group train tickets, etc.)

Entrance fees to program related activities (museums, site locations, etc)

On-site guest lecturers


Some group meals

Go Global Fee




Local transfer (to/from Brussels airport)


Most meals (self-catering often possible)

*UBC Tuition - Not included. Part of your costs

This amount will differ for domestic and international students. This amount will be assigned to you on the Student Service Centre (SSC) according to normal UBC tuition timelines. Read about tuition fees.

This amount is not determined or applied by Go Global.

All students participating in a Global Seminar will have tuition applied to their SSC account.

*Flights - Not Included. Part of your costs

Travel to the European Union is a separate cost.  You are responsible for arranging your own travel. Go Global can provide suggestions upon program confirmation. 

*Incidentals - Not Included. Part of your costs

Some examples include: personal mobile communication, personal transportation that is not related to the learning outcomes of the program, additional meals that are not already identified as part of the program fee, immunizations, Visas

Global Seminars refund policy

Refund on deposits

Students are eligible for a refund of their deposit minus the administrative fee ($415) if they withdraw from the program within 30 days of paying the deposit; this provides time to fill vacated spots so the cost to other students does not increase. After 30 days, the deposit is non-refundable. Exceptions may be determined at the discretion of Go Global. Any funds allocated to students through the ARA program must be returned in their entirety.

Refund on program fees

Students who withdraw from a Global Seminar after having paid the remaining program fee are not eligible for a refund of their deposit or the program fee. Exceptions may be determined at the discretion of Go Global. Any funds allocated to students through the ARA program must be returned in their entirety.

Students who decide to withdraw their application must submit a request in writing by email to the Global Seminar Advisor at


Go Global Vancouver

When emailing us, please include:

  1. Your student number in the subject line
  2. Your full name and if you are an incoming or outgoing exchange student in the body of the email

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