European Study Tour - Research Seminar

POLI 326 | 3 credits

About the program

This course is led by Kurt Huebner, Department of Political Science

Dates: May, 2022 - Exact dates tbd. Internship dates for 2022 are to be determined. Some flexibility is required, depending on the location and host organization.  

Topic: The EUST & IP is an immersion inside the European Institutions. Through seminars and briefings, you  have ‘face to face’ contact with the leaders and policy-makers actively involved in the daily work of the European Union,

Locations visited: Brussels, Luxembourg, Strasbourg, Frankfurt, Antwerp and Hachenburg. 

Funding: All qualifying students will receive a $1,000 Go Global Award

About the course 

The EU Study Tour & Internship Program (EUST&IP) is an academic activity with a difference. 
The EUST & IP is an immersion inside the European Institutions. Through seminars and briefings, you participants have ‘face to face’ contact with the leaders and policy-makers actively involved in the daily work of the European Union, other European institutions, diplomatic representations to the EU (including Canada) and significant civil society organizations. 
There are briefings from the following institutions (partial list): European Commission, Council of Ministers, European Parliament, European Court of Justice, European Central Bank, Canadian Mission to the EU, Quebec General Delegation to the EU, delegations from Turkey and Russia, NATO, and many more. 
Locations are key sites of European institutions and civil society organizations (please note that locations are subject to change): Brussels, Luxembourg, Strasbourg, Frankfurt, Antwerp and Hachenburg. 
Participants come from universities across Canada (including Dalhousie, Toronto, York, Carleton, Montreal, Victoria, Bishops, and UBC). 
The European Union Study Tour & Internship Program 
After the Study Tour, if you are a successful applicant into the EU Study Tour, you may also consider the Internship Program that is an optional program. This substantial internship opportunity is with European institutions and can be for two to six months in duration. Most internship positions commence immediately following the completion of the Study Tour but longer internships may begin later.  However, the Internship is not coordinated through Go Global. 

Experience in the field 

Schedule of activities 

  • Standard work week: Monday - Friday form 9am-4:30 
  •  Formal business attire is often required. 
  • Visits to institutional sites (such as the Plenary for the European Parliament). 
  • Lectures and discussions by policy-makers or diplomats, followed by Q&A. 
  • Workshops, simulations, other types of seminars. 
  •  For the week spent outside of Brussels, students travel together on a tour bus. 
  • There is some time for recreation and tourism, but the primary purpose is to learn about the EU and other institutions of European integration. 
  • Note: this is an intensive academic experience, not a Contiki tour of Europe! 

Eligibility requirements

General Global Seminar requirements

  • You must have at least a 70% average in your most recent Winter Session of full-time studies prior to application 

  • You need to be a UBC student in good standing (e.g., not be under academic or non-academic discipline) to participate in a Global Seminar 

  • You should have full-time student status (as defined by your faculty) in the year prior to your Global Seminar 

  • You must maintain 70% average prior to your Global Seminar departure 

  • You must have completed or intend to complete the necessary (or equivalent) pre-requisite courses prior to Global Seminar start date 

  • Unclassified students will be considered on a case-by-case basis 

  • You will need to be accepted by the Program Director leading the Global Seminar 

Program-specific requirements

There are no specific eligibility requirements.  Preference is shown to fourth-year undergraduate students in Political Science and International Relations.  Third-year students and those in other disciplines (International Studies, Economics, Commerce, Journalism, etc.) are also encouraged to apply, particularly if the student has completed coursework in the politics, economics, and history of Europe.

How to apply

Application deadline 

January 27, 2022

  • Log in to the Gateway online application program 
  • Select “Search Experiences” and type "GSP" to explore Global Seminars programs 
  • Upload the application form for your selected Global Seminar – see Application documents below 

*Please note that you can apply for up to a maximum of 2 Global Seminars*


Program fees and costs

Approximately CAD $5,200-$5,500

Students are responsible for covering the cost of 3 credits of UBC tuition.

The final fee depends on the number of students in the program. Students do not pay the Go Global fee when applying to a Global Seminar. The Go Global fee ($415) is built into the Program Fee and is payable upon acceptance to the program. 

Global Seminars refund policy

To withdraw from your program, you must contact Go Global by email to request a withdrawal.  You will not be charged until you officially accept your spot in the program.  Refunds cannot be issued after the program fee is charged to your SSC account. 

In the case of withdrawal, Go Global Award funding must be returned in full.

If you have questions, please connect with your Go Global advisor or email Go Global at

Pre-departure policy

Safety abroad

UBC is committed to preparing students for safe and successful international experiences. In order to achieve this, any student participating in a Go Global Program must complete the following:

Failure to successfully complete these and any other requirements may result in withdrawal from the Go Global Program.


If you are considering applying for a Go Global program and identify with having a disability or pre-existing health condition (mental or physical) which could impact your participation, or if you require academic accommodations, you can contact the following offices and meet with an Accessibility Advisor before the start of the program:


You can contact Go Global by email, phone, in-person or virtually through Zoom.

Booking a virtual advising appointment

If you need to book an advising appointment, please complete the online request form. Appointments will be held through Zoom or by phone, and can be scheduled between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm PT from Monday to Friday. 

If you require an appointment outside of these hours, contact Go Global and they will do their best to accommodate. Appointments outside of regular hours can only be accommodated virtually.

In-person drop-in advising hours

Starting Tuesday, Sep 7, Go Global will offer in-person drop-in advising at the UBC Life Building during the times below:

  • Tuesday: 1:00 - 3:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 1:00 - 3:00 pm

Go Global 101 - Group Advising Sessions (Virtual) Every Friday

Go Global offers group advising online on Fridays at 12:00 pm. Sign-up for Group Advising to learn more about the main Go Global program areas, meet a Go Global Advisor and meet other students interested in Go Global.