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Greece - Theatre, Performance, Context

THTR 440A | *3 credits * Students can apply for 3 credits of directed reading course related to term 2 coursework if they wish.

Apply by November 29, 2019

Applications are reviewed as they are received, so early applications are encouraged.  

  1. Log in to the Gateway online application program
  2. Select “Search Experiences” and type "GSP" to explore Global Seminars programs
  3. Upload the application form for your selected Global Seminar – see Application documents below

Please note that you can apply for up to a maximum of 2 Global Seminars.

Students are encouraged to meet with the Program Director at an orientation session or one-on-one to learn more about the program.


About the course

This course is led by UBC faculty member Hallie Marshall

The poetic traditions of ancient Greece were deeply rooted in place and cultural events and practices. This course seeks to explore ancient Greek drama beyond the confines of the traditional classroom by associating texts with particular sites in Greece and ancient performance traditions and conventions. Students will be encouraged to think not only about how text creates meaning, but also how performance creates meaning, and how physical and cultural spaces exert influence. It is expected that students will embrace thinking about poetry that sits not quietly on the page, but resounds in the ancient performance space; to think about how cultural products can be both universal and yet rooted in time and place; and to see that the traditions they are learning about, which often seem distant and abstract, have a tangible form where the ghosts of the past can be felt amidst the ruins.

About the experience

Students will travel to a variety of locations in Greece, visiting numerous sites related to ancient performance traditions and the mythology and history of ancient Greece. Contingent on grant funding, students may also have the opportunity to make a short film of a scene from an ancient Greek play.

Locations visited:

Galaxidi, Delphi, Oiniades, Naupaktos, Patras, Nemea, Isthmia, Nafplio, Mycenae, Epidaurus, Naxos, Athens, Athenian Acropolis, Theatre of Dionysus, Ancient Agora of Athens

A typical day might include:

A typical day will begin with breakfast at the hotel, following which we will take our bus to one or more archaeological sites, and then return by bus to our accommodations. In some locations we will have guest lectures or workshops with professors and theatre artists from Greece. Following lunch, students will have a bit of free time and we will regroup in the late afternoon for discussion and/or presentations. There will be occasional groups meals in the evenings, but generally students will have evenings to themselves.

Notable environmental conditions

While May in Greece is usually pleasantly warm (mid-20s), students should be prepared for the possibility of temperatures in the low 30s. Most days we will be visiting archaeological sites which will involve a great deal of walking, sometimes over uneven terrain.


Students will be expected to share rooms with their fellow students in the program, with the number of students in each room varying from hotel to hotel (from doubles to quads). We will be staying at a variety of hotels (generally 3 star) which have been selected for their location and their generous Greek hospitality.

General timeline

The program will take place in the month of May from the 5th to the 28th. Prior to your time in the field, you will be required to attend pre-departure sessions in Vancouver.  

Program dates: May 5 to 28th. 

ARA Funding

This is an Arts Research Abroad (ARA) funded program. ARA is a funding body made of the Faculty of Arts – Dean’s Office, anonymous donors and Go Global that supports research intensive Global Seminars.

The ARA program offsets the cost to students for participation in an ARA course.  70% of the cost may be offset for academically qualified students;  and up to 100% of the cost may be offset for academically qualified students who demonstrate financial need (as determined by Enrolment Services).  The ARA program does not fund course development costs; faculty salaries; costs related to tuition, textbooks, course materials, visas, and vaccinations; or personal expenses incurred by students.

Students are automatically considered for the ARA funding.  Separate application not required.

For more details, please see the Eligibility and Fees and costs section.


To be accepted for this Global Seminar, you have to meet both program-specific requirements as well as ARA eligibility.

Program-specific requirements:

Students who have completed 2nd-year requirements by end of April 2020 are eligible to apply. 

ARA Eligibility

Be enrolled in UBC Vancouver’s Faculty of Arts.

Be in their third, fourth, or final year of study.

Be enrolled in at least 24 credits in the academic year before the program

Must be registered in 24 credits in the current academic year, or sufficient to graduate

Have a minimum GPA of 70% with no fails or incompletes.

Students can only be considered for one major International Learning Award throughout their degree e.g. ARA (Arts Research Abroad) funded Global Seminars, Undergraduate Research Conference. 

Program fees and costs

All undergraduate students will receive ARA funding, which covers 70%-100% of program expenses, including flight costs.

Total cost of the program is CAD $5,000 to $5,300 + tuition + flight. 

ARA funded students will pay CAD $1500 to $1600 + tuition + partial flight costs

The final fee depends on the number of students in the program. Students do not pay the Go Global fee when applying to a Global Seminar. 

Program fee includes Program fee DOES NOT include
Accommodation Tuition*
Program-related travel Flight*
Program-related excursions Incidentals*
Meals *depending on program
Go Global fee ($415.00)

*UBC Tuition - Not included. Part of your costs

This amount will differ for domestic and international students. This amount will be assigned to you on the Student Service Centre (SSC) according to normal UBC tuition timelines. Read about tuition fees.

This amount is not determined or applied by Go Global.

All students participating in a Global Seminar will have tuition applied to their SSC account.

*Flights - Not Included. Part of your costs

Travel to your destination is a separate cost. You are responsible for arranging your own travel. You should not book your flight until you are notified to book. All Global Seminars only run if there is a minimum number of students enrolled.

*Incidentals - Not Included. Part of your costs

Some examples include personal mobile communication, personal transportation that is not related to the learning outcomes of the program, additional meals that are not already identified as part of the program fee, immunizations, Visas, etc.

Please contact a Global Seminar Advisor if you have questions about the program fee. Connecting early with an Enrolment Service Advisor will also be helpful in order to plan for your trip.

Global seminars refund policy

Adjustment on deposits

Students are eligible for an adjustment of their deposit under the following circumstances:

Withdrawal after you accept your spot in the program

  • You are eligible to have your Global Seminar deposit adjusted from $750 to $93.25 (ie: you receive a $656.75 credit)

Withdrawal after deposit posted on SSC

  • You are eligible to have your Global Seminar deposit adjusted from $750 to $321.75 (ie: you receive a $428.25 credit)

Withdrawal after deposit due date

  • The deposit and all remaining program fees are completely non-refundable. Exceptions may be determined at the discretion of Go Global. 

Any funds allocated to students through the ARA program must be returned in their entirety.

Students who decide to withdraw their application must submit a request in writing by email to the Global Seminar Advisor at


If you are considering applying for a Go Global program and identify with having a disability or pre-existing health condition (mental or physical) which could impact your participation, or if you require academic accommodations, you can contact the following offices and meet with an Accessibility Advisor before the start of the program:

The Centre for Accessibility (Vancouver) 604 822-5844

Disability Resource Centre (Okanagan) 250 807-8053

Pre-departure policy

Safety Abroad

UBC is committed to preparing students for safe and successful international experiences. In order to achieve this, any student participating in a Go Global Program must complete the following:

  • All UBC Student Safety Abroad requirements
  • Go Global Program-specific pre-departure requirements (includes both online and in-person components)

Failure to successfully complete these and any other requirements may result in withdrawal from the Go Global Program.


Global Seminars Advisor

Student Advising

Drop in advising - Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 1:00-3:00pm

Please email with your student number in the subject line.

Global Seminars Advisor

Telephone: 604 822 0942

Fax: 604 822 9885

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