University of Oregon - Global Leadership Program - Eugene, Oregon

About the program

June 19 - August 1, 2020               

In this time of unprecedented change and uncertain futures, the need to creatively adapt is critical. That is our challenge, and here at the University of Oregon Division of Global Engagement, we’re ready to rise to it. For 2020 “Achieving Environmental Sustainability Across Sectors” students will come to the environmentally-focused state of Oregon to focus on the globally critical and increasingly pressing challenge of sustainability. Participants will work with three groups to help address sustainability related challenges pertinent to each group’s work. Each community partner will come from a different local sector: for-profit, non-profit and public. There will be 3–4 small student teams per community partner and the student teams will work together to draft a proposal or action plan for a real sustainability goal or challenge that their partner currently faces.

Teams will be given the opportunity to collaborate across their sectors and will be encouraged to develop solutions which address the needs of multiple stakeholders. Student’s solutions will be presented at the end of the program and winning proposals will be selected based on factors such as feasibility, creativity, and cross-sector collaboration. In addition, participants will complete topic-based skills building workshops which develop cross cultural collaboration skills, experiential learning, fast paced research and applied design thinking and leadership capabilities.


UBC is pleased to support up to 2 students to participate in this program. Students must meet the following eligibility requirements 

University of Oregon Global Leadership Program Eligibility

  • Open to undergraduate students in 2nd year or higher 
  • Open to all disciplines 
  • Students must be 18 or older at time of application

Go Global Eligibility 

  • You must have at least a 70% average in your most recent academic term of full-time studies prior to application
  • We are looking at your Term 1 (Fall term) grades for summer research abroad experiences
  • You should have full-time student status as defined by your faculty in the year prior to your research abroad experience
  • You need to be a UBC student in good standing (e.g. not be under academic or non-academic discipline)
  • You must maintain 70% average prior to your exchange departure

Awards and Program Costs

Program Fees 

The ULP program fee of $1500 USD (approximately $1950 CAD) includes 13 nights on-campus accommodation, meals, program materials, and cultural excursions.  Students are responsible for transportation costs and personal expenses. 

The Go Global Fee ($415.00) is an administrative fee required for all applicants to all Go Global programs. The fee will be posted to your SSC tuition account 1 -3 weeks following acceptance to participate in the program. You will be notified of the due date by email once the fee is posted (typically 2 weeks following posting).

Please see the Enrolment Service’s page on making payments to your tuition account.


Selected students are eligible to receive a Go Global award valued at $1000. 

How to Apply

The application involves two-steps:

1. Apply directly to Go Global online by January 28, 2020. In your application include a 300 - 500 word statement outlining how this program contributes to your academic and personal goals.  

2. If nominated you will be asked to submit an application to the APRU committee by February 2, 2020 for priority selection, or February 21, 2020. Selected students will receive detailed instructions following the Go Global deadline. 

Contact Go Global

Go Global Vancouver

Go Global's campus office is closed until further notice. At this time, you can contact Go Global by email, phone or virtually through Zoom.

If you need to book an advising appointment, please complete the online request form. Appointments will be held through Zoom or by phone.

Advising hours

Monday: 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
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