University of Tokyo - Amgen Scholars Program

Science, Engineering, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Industrial Science, Agriculture and Life Science

About the program

Program dates: 8 weeks from June to August

The Amgen Scholars Program is designed for undergraduate international student in the field of biology and related sciences, looking to pursue graduate studies. It is a highly prestigious program offering a unique chance for students to gain hands-on international research experience. Students will attend the program at the University of Tokyo.

Students will participate in collaborative research with faculty members. In addition to time spent in the laboratory, participants will be given the opportunity to attend a two-day Symposium in Tokyo sponsored by the Amgen Foundation. Interested applications should consult the available research programs at each university.

Future details can be found through the University of Tokyo website.

Research Areas



Pharmaceutical Sciences

Industrial Science

Agriculture and Life Science

Eligibility and Prerequisites

  • Meet Go Global eligibility requirements
  • Be in good academic standing and have completed the second year of studies or higher.
  • Student must be returning to their studies after the program dates to be eligible (students graduating in may are not eligible for this program).  
  • Given the competitive nature of this program Go Global recommends that students with an average above 75% apply for this program.
  • Demonstrates an interest in pursuing graduate studies.
  • Meet any additional lab project requirements as outlined on the program website

Awards and Funding

All students are considered for the Go Global Research Abroad Award.

Accepted students may be eligible for financial support. This includes a stipend of up to 500,000 JPY ($6000 CAD) for the 8 week program, to assist with the cost of travel and local expenses. Accommodations near campus are available.


On-campus housing is provided for students participating in this program.

Program costs and fees

Students are responsible for the cost of travel and living associated with participating in this program. Accepted students may be eligible for a stipend from the Amgen Scholars Program to assist with costs.

Students accepted into this program will be charged the Go Global fee once acceptance has been confirmed.

How to Apply

Go Global Fee and Withdrawal Policy

Advising Hours

Advising hours

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You might not need to see an advisor. General questions about the Go Global Exchange process can be answered at the Main Office at the UBC Life Building (Vancouver). 


Go Global Vancouver

When emailing us, please include:

  1. Your student number in the subject line
  2. Your full name and if you are an incoming or outgoing exchange student in the body of the email

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