University of the Arts London Summer Study Abroad

About the Program

The University of the Arts London Summer Study Abroad program offers students the opportunity to take high-quality, short-term fashion, film, theatre, design, and other related courses while living in London. These unique courses involve projects, tutorials, and workshops, along with site visits around London and beyond. Students must have completed a year of undergraduate-level study to partake in this program but are able to take courses in either their area of interest or can study subject areas in which they have little to no experience.

Final program details will be published by the partner institution that manages this program and are generally updated on their program webpage. However, you must apply through Go Global to be considered for this program and ensure you follow the appropriate transfer credit process.

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Partner Institution
University of the Arts London
Program Dates

Varying dates from May to August depending on course

  • United Kingdom
Area(s) of study
ArchitectureArtsFilm ProductionFilm StudiesFine ArtsMedia StudiesTheatreVisual Arts
Tuition payable to
  • Partner institution
Application deadline
  • December 14, 2021

Additional Requirements or Restrictions

To register into some courses, students may be required to submit a portfolio to the partner institution.

Course Credits

Varies by course. Please note that UAL (US) credits x 5/6 = UBC credits or 2 ECTS credits = 1 UBC credit.

Transfer credits are only granted for courses with academic content and may not be granted for cultural activities or intensive language courses. Please speak to a departmental advisor if you have any questions.

Transfer credits and evaluated courses at this university

Check out the courses that other students have transferred back to UBC in the last 5 years. If you don't see a particular course you listed, it simply means you need to submit it as a new course request through the Transfer Credit Portal while abroad. For more information, please visit the Go Global Transfer Credit webpage.

Not all courses listed are offered through the summer program at this partner institution. This list is a general guideline only–research the partner's website for actual course offerings.

UBC Vancouver
UBC course: ARTH 2nd
Title: Summer Study Abroad: Art History, Criticism and Communication
Partner course code: N/A
Language of instruction: English
Evaluated date: 2019-12-09
UBC course: ARTS 1st
Partner course code: fashion 2nd year
Language of instruction: English
Evaluated date: 2018-10-22
UBC course: ELEV 1st
Title: fashion communication
Partner course code: N/A N/A
Language of instruction: English
Evaluated date: 2021-11-12

Tuition and Fees

You will pay tuition directly to the partner institution for this program. 

The partner institution may charge other program fees such as application fees, housing costs, field trips, cultural activities, or other costs associated with hosting this program. Please check the partner webpage for details of program costs.

How to apply to a Go Global Summer Program

  1. Complete your research about the summer abroad program and ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria (UBCV / UBCO), including any partner or program-specific requirements. 
  2. Apply online by the Go Global deadline listed above. 
  3. Please submit only one application for the summer program of your choice. If selecting a program that has limited enrolment (e.g. "Summer Exchange"), include a second choice as a backup on the same application by selecting the "Add Item" button.
  4. Where applicable, select the "Summer Exchange" experience to pay tuition to UBC or the "Study Abroad" experience to pay tuition to the partner institution. If you select "Summer Exchange", be sure to include a backup choice.
  5. If you plan to do multiple experiences (e.g. more than one summer program, a term exchange and a summer program, etc.), please submit a separate application for each experience. Our team will review your application(s) and if successful, will nominate you to apply to the partner institution(s). 
  6. Pay the Go Global Fee when prompted, after the application deadline.
  7. If successfully nominated by Go Global, you will receive instructions on how to apply to the partner university.


If you are considering applying for a Go Global program and identify with having a disability or pre-existing health condition (mental or physical) which could impact your participation, or if you require academic accommodation, you can contact the following offices and meet with an Accessibility Advisor before the start of your program:

The Centre for Accessibility (Vancouver) 604 822-5844

Disability Resource Centre (Okanagan) 250 807-8053

Go Global Fee Adjustment Policy for Summer Abroad

The Go Global Fee ($415.00 CDN) is an administrative fee required for all applicants to Go Global programs. The fee is non-refundable. However, it may be adjusted under the following circumstances.

If you are not matched to a partner university

You are eligible to have your Go Global fee adjusted from $415.00 to $93.25 (reduced by $321.75) if:

  • You have applied to Go Global but do not meet our minimum eligibility requirements

  • Go Global cannot match you to a partner university

  • The partner university does not accept your application and Go Global cannot find another option

If you withdraw from Go Global

To withdraw from your Go Global program, you must contact Go Global by email to request withdrawal. You will then be asked to complete a short withdrawal form.

Students who withdraw from Go Global by the relevant deadline below, will have their Go Global fee adjusted from $415.00 to $321.75 (reduced by $93.25).

  • March 30: For summer programs

  • June 30: For UBC Winter Term 1 and Full-Year exchange

  • September 30: For UBC Winter Term 2 and Split-Year exchange

If you have questions, please connect with your Go Global advisor or email Go Global at

Contact Go Global

You can contact Go Global by email, phone, in-person or virtually through Zoom.

Booking a virtual advising appointment

If you need to book an advising appointment, please complete the online request form. Appointments will be held through Zoom or by phone, and can be scheduled between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm PT from Monday to Friday. 

If you require an appointment outside of these hours, contact Go Global and they will do their best to accommodate. Appointments outside of regular hours can only be accommodated virtually.

In-person drop-in advising hours

Starting Tuesday, Sep 7, Go Global will offer in-person drop-in advising at the UBC Life Building during the times below:

  • Tuesday: 1:00 - 3:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 1:00 - 3:00 pm

Go Global 101: Virtual group advising sessions on Fridays

Sign up to attend a Friday group advising session online and learn more about the programs, talk to an advisor, or meet other students interested in Go Global programs.

Partner Institution
University of the Arts London
Program Dates

Varying dates from May to August depending on course

  • United Kingdom
Area(s) of study
ArchitectureArtsFilm ProductionFilm StudiesFine ArtsMedia StudiesTheatreVisual Arts
Tuition payable to
  • Partner institution
Application deadline
  • December 14, 2021