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Get better grades

Resources and information to help you work smarter, not harder.

Improve your study skills

From coaching and learning assessments to videos and workshops, UBC offers a range of services and supports to help develop your personal study skills. Whether you are in the thick of exam preparation or just want to improve your time management, UBC has resources to help you.

Improve your writing

Struggling with your first university essay? Need help structuring a business letter? Trying to craft the perfect report? No matter who you are or what you're working on these great resources can help you become a stronger writer and a better communicator.

Improve your English

UBC welcomes students from all over the world, many who speak English as an additional language. If you want to improve your English, UBC offers a range of programs that will help meet your needs.

Explore your learning resources

Chapman Learning Commons

UBC's Chapman Learning Commons is located on the third floor of the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre. The Learning Commons offers study space, resources, toolkits, and a range of programs to enhance your learning. You can also go to the Learning Commons for:

  • Technology Support
  • Tutoring
  • Writing support
  • Study skills workshops
  • Peer Academic Coaching

The Chapman Learning Commons has computers, study space for group work, comfortable individual study areas, and space for workshops and events.

UBC Library

The UBC Library is much more than just books. In addition to over six million volumes, the Library offers instructional sessions, research help, tutorials, online real-time chat support, and a range of quick reference guides to help you find the resources you need.

AskAway Chat Support

AskAway offers real-time chat support with a librarian so you can get help with research, citations, finding materials, and more.

First Nations House of Learning

The First Nations House of Learning provides Aboriginal programming and events. It serves as a cultural and social centre where students can study and learn in a surrounding that reflects Aboriginal traditions. The First Nations House of Learning leads strategic planning on UBC Aboriginal initiatives and provides services for Aboriginal students that include tutoring, advising, counselling, financial advising.

Peer coaching

Take advantage of what other UBC students have learned before you. UBC's Chapman Learning Commons offers free peer academic coaching to all UBC students. Different from tutors, coaches can help you with 'soft' skills like studying, note taking, assignment planning, and exam preparation. 

Peer-Assisted Study Sessions

Peer-Assisted Study Sessions are informal study sessions led by a senior student who specialises in your area of study. Multiple sessions are held every week, and the content is directly related to what you're learning in your course at the time.

Find a tutor

Tutors can help you with a variety of classes and subjects. Click here for locations, hours, and more information about tutoring.

Time management

Are you a procrastinator? Feel like you are wasting too much time online? Tired of all-nighters? The UBC Learning Commons has tools to help you better manage your time. It's easier than you think! You can try using this assignment calculator - a time management tool that breaks down assignments into a series of manageable steps (and helpful tips) based on the specific due date of your assignment

Learning self-assessment

Understanding how you learn best can help you leverage your strengths, retain more knowledge, and improve your study skills. Want to learn more about the different methods of learning? Take the quiz on the UBC Learning Commons website.

Assignment Calculator

UBC's Assignment Calculator is a time management tool that breaks down research assignments into a series of manageable steps, while providing expert tips for success. Enter the assignment start date and due date to get planning!

Find balance and achieve success

It's easier to achieve success when you do things that help you feel good

  • Manage your stress

  • Get a better sleep

  • Eat nutritious food

Find out more about self-care

Drop by the Wellness Centre

The Centre is open on a drop-in basis and is staffed by trained student volunteers known as Wellness Peers.

Wellness Peers have a passion for mental and physical health promotion and can share health resources with you, help provide information about great campus resources, and partner with you on wellness related events.

Why speak with a Wellness Peer?

Sometimes it’s nice to talk to another student when you have questions about your mental or physical health. Speaking with another student can give you insight into things like how other students manage stress, the best ways to eat good food on a budget, how to make friends on such a large campus, and where to go if you’d like more help taking care of your wellbeing.

The Wellness Centre

Wellness Centre

Wellness Centre

Telephone: 604 822 8450

Life Building
Room 1400, 6138 Student Union Boulevard
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z1


10:00 am - 5:00 pm
10:00 am - 4:00 pm
10:00 am - 5:00 pm
10:00 am - 5:00 pm
10:00 am - 5:00 pm