Improve your writing

Struggling with your first university essay? Need help structuring a business letter? Trying to craft the perfect report? No matter who you are or what you're working on these great resources can help you become a stronger writer and a better communicator.

Centre for Writing and Scholarly Communication

The Centre for Writing and Scholarly Communication (CWSC) offers year-round writing courses that can be taken in person or online. 

Drop in writing tutorials

The Centre for Writing and Scholarly Communication offers drop-in writing support in the Chapman Learning Commons. Whether you are writing an essay, working on a class project, creating a resume, or a scholarship application, the UBC Writing Centre tutors can help you with any writing project you're working on.

The Centre for Writing and Scholarly Communication

Online tutoring: WriteAway

WriteAway is a convenient eTutoring service that provides free online writing assistance by connecting learners to a network of tutors and resources. WriteAway was developed in cooperation with BCcampus, the BC Electronic Library Network (BC ELN), and Irving K. Barber Learning Centre (IKBLC).


Writing tips

Avoiding plagiarism

Plagiarism is the act of submitting the intellectual property of another person as your own. It is one of the most serious academic offences. Penalties for plagiarism may range from a failing grade in a course to suspension from the University.