Distance Education for Non-Degree Studies

Eligibility to apply

Apply as an Access Studies student to take distance education courses for general interest outside of a degree program if:

  • You meet the English language requirement
  • You meet the Access Studies criteria in UBC's Classification of Students
  • You have the experience to be successful (through previous study, employment or volunteer commitment)
  • The courses in which you want to register are available to Access Studies students

When to apply

We recommend you apply before:

  • March (for courses starting in May through August)
  • July (for courses starting in September)
  • November (for courses starting in January)

Applications are accepted up until the start of term, although there is no guarantee you would be admitted in time to register for courses if you apply after the recommended deadlines above.

How to apply

  1. Search for eligible distance education courses in the online course schedule (select "Course Search," enter the subject area or keyword(s), and check "Return Distance Education courses only"). Write down your results.

  2. If you're a student who has previously registered in courses at UBC: Go to Non-Degree Studies for former UBC students

  3. If you're new to UBC,  apply online and include your desired course information from your search. UBC will email you a confirmation with instructions on your next steps.

What else do I need to know?

  • Enrolment is in a limited selection of courses and programs.
  • Admission as an Access Studies student does not guarantee entrance to the courses requested, nor does it guarantee subsequent admission to a degree program at UBC.
  • Courses may be transferable to a future UBC degree program at the discretion of the faculty to which you apply.
  • Access Studies students can enrol in a maximum of 6 credits per term.
  • Not all faculties or departments participate in the Access Studies program. Distance education courses available to Access Studies students begin with the following subject codes: APBI, AUDI, CLST, ENGL, EOSC, FIST, FMST, FNH, COPR, FREN, FRST, GEOG, HIST, IHHS, LFS, MUSC, PATH, PHIL, PSYC, SOCI, SOWK, SURG, WMST, WOOD. Distance education courses are offered either online or by correspondence and start in January, May and September of each year with set completion dates. The online course schedule provides details on course delivery methods and dates.
  • Faculty of Education courses only: apply directly to the faculty

More information

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