UBC Distance Education courses for Thompson Rivers University, Open Learning Students

About Distance Education at UBC

As a Thompson Rivers University, Open Learning (TRU-OL) student you can register for a distance education course through UBC and have your application fee waived. Just apply through UBC Access Studies.

If you require, or are interested in taking, a UBC distance course to transfer to your TRU-OL program, you must first get approval from TRU-OL. Upon gaining approval, you can apply for the UBC distance course (see steps below) and, upon completion of the course, transfer the UBC credit to TRU-OL.

When do I apply?

To make sure you’re admitted in time to register for courses, we recommend that you apply:

  • Before March for courses starting in May through August

  • Before July for courses starting in September

  • Before November for courses starting in January

While we accept applications right up to the start of term, we can’t guarantee that you’ll be admitted in time to register for courses if you do not follow the recommended deadlines.

How to apply

Select your courses

  1. Search for eligible distance education courses in the online course schedule

  2. Select Course Search and enter the subject area or keyword(s), and check "Return Distance Education courses only")

  3. Write down your results


  1. If you've ever registered for UBC courses before, read our instructions for previous UBC students

  2. If you're new to UBCapply online and include the desired course information acquired from your search

  3. We will email you a confirmation with instructions on your next steps

What else do I need to know?

  • A limited selection of courses are available
  • You can take a maximum 15 credits per term
  • Being admitted as an Access Studies student is not a guarantee that:
    • You’ll get your requested courses
    • You’ll be admitted to a degree program at UBC
  • Courses may be transferable to a future UBC degree program, at the discretion of the faculty to which you apply

On-campus courses

If you’re interested in taking courses on-campus at UBC, please apply to UBC as a visiting student.

Faculty of Education courses

Apply directly to the Faculty of Education.

More info

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