Distance education exams

On-campus exams

If you're taking Distance Education courses and are in Metro Vancouver, you'll be automatically scheduled to write your exam on the Vancouver campus. You won't need to complete an exam application. 

Access & Diversity - As soon as the formal exam schedule is released through the SSC Exam Application screen, register for your exam through the Access & Diversity Exam Booking System.

Off-campus exams

Exam application fee

  • The exam application fee (called the Distance Education Exam Fee) applies to all students writing off-campus exams
  • The fee is $53 per application
  • If you cancel your exam, you can get a refund if you notify Enrolment Services at least 4 weeks before the formal (on-campus) exam period starts and if the exam hasn't been couriered to the partner exam centre or invigilator

Off-campus exam timelines

Off-campus exams are scheduled about 2-3 weeks after the on-campus exam schedule is released. During this 2-3 week period, you can disregard the the SSC's status that shows that you are writing on-campus exams. 

  • Once your exam is scheduled, you will be sent an email with the location and time.
  • Off-campus exams not being held at a UBC partner exam centre will be scheduled once the schedule that you submit is approved.

You'll also be able to see your schedule on the SSC Exam Application screen by selecting View details/Make payment beside each exam listed.

Apply for off-campus exams

  1. Log in to the Student Service Centre.

  2. Go to Exams > Exam Application.

  3. Select your session and courses. Each course requires a separate application.

  4. Select your exam location.

    • Partner Exam Centre - Select a location from the drop down menu to write at an off campus partner centre. Read about Partner Exam Centres for more information and next steps.

    • Other Location - If you cant write at a partner exam centre, apply to write at another location. Read about Other Locations for more information, invigilator instructions, and next steps.

  5. If your location requires payment, you’ll be prompted to pay with VISA, MasterCard, or Interac Online. This will complete your application submission.

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