Thea KOERNER Memorial Scholarship

A scholarship of $1,350, endowed by her friends in memory of Thea Koerner and in recognition of her most generous encouragement of the arts at the University and in British Columbia, is awarded upon the recommendation by the Theatre Program, the Creative Writing Program, the Departments of Art History, Visual Arts and Theory, and the School of Music, to a full-time student regularly enrolled in one of these areas and proceeding to a degree, whose past performance and future promise qualify him as the most suitable recipient of the award.

Award descriptions are meant for reference only. Values listed may not reflect the most up to date information.

Faculty of Arts
Creative Writing Program
Undergraduate & Graduate

Recommended award

The majority of Recommended Awards do not require an application and students are automatically considered for any scholarships, awards, or prizes for which they are eligible.

Some faculties do require applications: Contact your faculty’s scholarship representative or check your faculty website to find out more.