Financial support options


Your university education is a substantial investment. At UBC, we recognize the significant contribution you and your family make toward your degree. We’re here to provide financial advising and support through scholarships, bursaries, and other assistance programs.

Your responsibilities as a student

As a student, you need to have a clear understanding of your responsibilities and take necessary steps to access all available resources. This includes:

  • Talking with your family about support

  • Applying for government student loans

  • Meeting deadlines for funding programs

  • Making sure you are taking the minimum number of courses required for support

  • Maintaining a good credit history

Domestic student support

UBC is strongly committed to ensuring accessibility for domestic students.

Financial Aid Policy for domestic students

The Financial Aid Policy, Policy LR10, was created to ensure that UBC is financially accessible to all domestic students and that domestic students are not prevented from starting or continuing their studies for financial reasons.

It is your responsibility to apply and follow the steps to be eligible for financial support under the policy. This includes, but is not limited to, demonstrating financial need, meeting deadlines for funding programs and making sure you are taking the minimum number of courses required.

How much support will I receive?

UBC determines your unmet financial need, which is the difference between your determined total cost of study and your available resources (government assistance and expected financial contributions).

To determine the total cost of study, we calculate your educational costs and standard allowances for living expenses.

If you are considered a dependent student, we will also consider your family’s resources.

Policy flexibility

Not every student's financial situation fits within UBC's guidelines. That's why Policy LR10 allows for exceptions in certain situations:

  • When all students face financial distress, including international students
  • Situations when the standard assessment method does not realistically reflect a student's situation

Your Enrolment Services Advisor can help you if you are facing financial distress or have an exceptional case.

Other financial support for domestic students

The types of support available to you depends on your course of study, including: 

International student support

UBC recognizes the academic achievement of outstanding students from around the world by devoting more than $10 million annually to awards, scholarships, and other forms of financial support for international undergraduate students.

Other financial support for international students

The types of support you can access depend on your course of study, including:

Indigenous student support

If you are an Indigenous student, there are many ways for you to finance your education at UBC. Explore options such as UBC awards available for Indigenous students, job opportunities during your degree, band or community sponsorship, and more.

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Students with a disability

Enrolment Services coordinates with the Centre for Accessibility to help students with disabilities deal with their financial challenges. As a student with a disability, you may be eligible for all of our standard programs, but there is additional information that you need to know.

Student loans for students with a disability

Both the federal and provincial governments have special programs that are administered through the student loan agencies. These programs include non-repayable grants to help with living expenses, and funding designated for specialized educational equipment and services for eligible students with disabilities.

You can find more information on these programs through the Centre for Accessibility or by reviewing StudentAid BC’s list of programs.

Permanent Disability Programs application

BC residents

BC Residents who are student loan approved and have a permanent or chronic disability are encouraged to submit a Permanent Disability Programs Application to Student Aid BC. Once approved, you may be eligible for up to $3,800 in grants, additional financial support for services and equipment, and approved for a 40% reduced course load.

If you are taking less than 40% of a full course load, you can apply for grant funding through the StudentAid BC Part-Time Studies application.

Students outside of BC

The application process for government student loans for students with permanent disabilities is different in each province. Consult your home province loan provider to ensure that you are submitting the correct information and forms. See information about loans for students from other provinces.

Awards for students with a disability

Twenty awards—scholarships and bursaries—are available for students with disabilities. Awards range in value and eligibility criteria. Registration with the Centre for Accessibility is required for eligibility.

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Helpful resources

If you need help

If you have questions, please contact your Enrolment Services Advisor. Even if you do not have an assigned Enrolment Services Advisor, they are still able to help.