Access to your information

Add third-party authorization

Third-Party Authorizations give your consent to the release of select information from your student record to a third party. Your third party will not be able to make changes to your record.

  1. Log on to the Student Service Centre (SSC)

  2. Select Personal Info > Third-Party Authorizations

  3. Click Add a New Contact, enter your third party's contact information and relationship to you.

  4. Under Area, select the area(s) of your record to share with your third party.

Permission to pick up cheques or documents

To have a friend or family member pick up a cheque or a document such as an official transcript, they will need to bring a completed copy of the Third-Party Pickup Authorization form. 

Read the instructions carefully and make sure you provide all of the required documentation. Documents that require a payment to be submitted such as Transcripts or Replacement diplomas must be ordered prior to pick up by the student. They cannot be ordered in person by the third party.

Compass cards and your privacy

Degree verification

Prospective employers and academic institutions can verify degrees by visiting the AuraData website or calling:

1-416-406-0444 Local and International

1-877-580-2872 (aura) North America

For Undergraduate Medical Education:
For Medical Residencies:

No information will be released without a signed authorization from the graduate.