Find your study groove

Worried about your studies or exams? Try these tips and events to feel better this exam season.

Events happening April 1 - 23, 2019

April 1 - 5: Golden Ticket Giveaway 

Rent a piece of equipment from the Chapman Learning Commons desk and you might be the golden ticket winner of the day! Find a golden ticket and win a prize.

Time: Chapman Learning Commons hours

Location: IKBLC, Chapman Learning Commons desk (Level 3)

April 1 - 5: Colouring

Take a break, relax, and create! Visit the Chapman Learning Commons desk to pick up some free colouring pages.

Time: Chapman Learning Commons hours

Location: IKBLC, Chapman Learning Commons desk (Level 3)

April 1 - 5: Study Kits

Pick up a free study kit at the Wellness Centre. Get a tea bag, relaxation supplies, and more to help you through the exam season. Just ask for one at the front desk. Get them while supplies last!

Time: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

 Location: Wellness Centre (Life Building)

April 3: Snacks & Crafts

Need to unwind? Need a short break from studying? Come by to grab some tea and snacks, and try an activity station to decompress. There'll be cookie decorating, slime, and DIY study kits. Everyone is welcome.

Time: 4:15 - 7:15 pm

Location: Life Building Conversation Pit

April 16 and 23: Steam & Stretch

Join us to de-stress and relax during the exam period with our free Steam & Stretch programs at the UBC Aquatic Centre. Relax, feel better, and recharge with this free class. Limited spots available, first come-first serve.


  • April 16: 7:30 - 8:00 pm 
  • April 23: 8:00 - 8:30 pm

Location: UBC Aquatic Centre

Study tips

  • Prioritize your to-do list
    List the tasks that you need to complete. Choose the most important ones and finish these tasks first.
  • Set study breaks
    Try the Pomodoro Technique: work on a task for 25 minutes, then take a 5-minute break and repeat. Every 4 cycles, take a longer 30-minute break to recharge.
  • Get enough quality sleep
    Your brain is at its quickest and most adept after 7-9 hours of sleep.
  • Take advantage of UBC resources
    Visit the Chapman Learning Commons for help with writing, citations, and time management.

Study smarter

Staying active

  • Take 10-minute workout breaks
    Getting active doesn't require hours in the gym. Take a break between classes and walk to a further coffee shop, take the long way to your next class, or go for a quick evening run (always stick to well-lit and safe routes.)
  • Join a recreation-focused AMS club
    Get active with others. Join a recreation club and try sports like badminton, dance, sailing, ultimate frisbee, and many others.

Keeping calm and managing stress

Stress is a normal reaction that can actually help us get things done. However, if your stress or anxiety is persistent, these strategies might help.

  • Try a mini meditation
    Breathe in deeply, count to five, and exhale slowly. Watch your lower abdomen expand and deflate. Repeat 5 times.
  • Don't try to be perfect
    Remember, your best is something to be proud of. Try positive self-talk to help build self-confidence.
  • Identify the things that trigger your stress or anxiety
    What causes your stress or anxiety? Keep a log of your stress triggers and review them periodically.
  • Identify the times that you tend to get stressed or anxious
    Are you most stressed in the morning? Before class? Studying in the evening? Monitor the times you feel most stressed or anxious and includes these times in your stress log.
  • Think of ways to change your responses to stress
    Are there unhealthy triggers you can avoid or minimize? Can you change how you approach triggers or the way that you manage stress and anxiety?

    For example, if studying for a difficult class alone in your room at night stresses you out, you might try studying with a friend or in a group at a different location and time of day.

    Try taking other steps to manage academic stress by asking your professor or TA for help, or drop by the Wellness Centre for more stress-managing tips.

Tips & apps for stress