Support for student survivors

If you have been sexually assaulted, the first steps you should take include ensuring your safety, going to a safe space, and seeking medical attention.

Ensure your safety

Find a safe space

The most important thing you can do is find a safe space. This may be the home or room of a friend, or any place where you feel physically and emotionally safe. Talk with someone you trust such as a friend or family member.

On-campus emergency housing is available through the Commuter Student Hostel.

Emergency UBC Student Housing

Assistant Director, Residence Life | 604 827 5724 or 604 822 5412

Director, Residence Life and Administration | 604 822 5779

After-hours - Campus Security | 604 822 2222


SHHS can help facilitate a relocation to help survivors feel safer. 

Student Housing and Hospitality Services (SHHS)

Get medical care

Receiving medical attention can often be important, even if it has been a while since the assault. You may choose which services, if any, you would like to use.

The Sexual Assault Service at Vancouver General Hospital provides assessment and treatment of injuries, sexually transmitted infections, and pregnancy prevention as well as forensic evidence collection and emotional support. Campus Security will arrange and provide a coupon for cab service to VGH for student survivors. A Sexual Assault Support Centre member can also provide a ride in a private car or cab. Travel time is approximately 30 minutes.

Vancouver General Hospital Sexual Assault Service (24-hour service)

Vancouver General Hospital

899 West 12th Avenue  

Jim Pattison Pavilion 

Vancouver,  BC Canada V5Z 1M9

Tel: 604 875 2881


Go directly to the Vancouver General Hospital Emergency Department and ask for the Sexual Assault Service. Female patients may arrange for a Women Against Violence Against Women (WAVAW) Rape Crisis Centre counsellor to meet them at the hospital by calling 604 255 6344.

UBC Urgent Care provides sexual assault services and support, including forensic exams, from 8 am to 10 pm seven days per week. 24-hour care is available at Vancouver General Hospital.

UBC Urgent Care

UBC Hospital

2211 Wesbrook Mall

Tel: 604 822 7121

Hours: 8:00 am - 10:00 pm

Student Health Services provides medical services (not including forensic exams) in a caring, safe, confidential space.  

Student Health Services, Vancouver Campus

UBC Hospital

2211 Wesbrook Mall  

Room M334, Koerner Pavilion 

Vancouver,  BC Canada V6T 1Z3

Tel: 604 822 7011



Find support

Support is available for survivors of sexual assault, and it's OK to ask for help. Reaching out for help is a sign of strength.


UBC Urgent Care provides forensic exams from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm, 7 days a week. For 24-hour service, visit Vancouver General Hospital.

UBC Urgent Care

UBC Hospital

2211 Wesbrook Mall

Tel: 604 822 7121

Hours: 8:00 am - 10:00 pm

The Sexual Assault Support Centre provides information, advocacy, and support with reporting and connection to services. Services are confidential, free of charge, and are provided in a supportive and inclusive space.

AMS Sexual Assault Support Centre (SASC)

Student Nest

6133 University Blvd Room 3127 

Vancouver, BC Canada V6T 1Z1

Tel: 604 827 5180



UBC Counselling Services provides free one-on-one counselling to support students who have been sexually assaulted and/or impacted by sexual abuse and other forms of sexualized violence. Counselling Services provides a respectful, safe, and supportive environment. All Counselling Services counsellors are experienced in providing sexual assault counselling.

Counselling Services

Brock Hall

1874 East Mall Room 1040 

Vancouver,  BC Canada V6T 1Z1


Lower Mall Research Station

2259 Lower Mall  Room 358 

Vancouver,  BC Canada V6T 1Z4

Tel: 604 822 3811


Additional locations also available.

Campus Security is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide response and assistance with safety planning. Campus Security also keeps records of each sexual assault reported to them.

Campus Security

2133 East Mall

Vancouver,  BC Canada V6T 1Z4

Tel: 604 822 2222



Women Against Violence Against Women offers support and a 24/7 crisis line for anyone who has been affected by sexual violence. Staff are also available to accompany the survivor to the Vancouver General Hospital (VGH) Sexual Assault Service if desired.

Women Against Violence Against Women (WAVAW)

24-hour crisis line: 604 255 6344

Toll-free: 1 877 392 7583


VictimLink BC is a toll-free, confidential, multilingual telephone service available across BC and Yukon 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It provides information and referral services to all victims of crime and immediate crisis support to victims of family and sexual violence.

VictimLink BC

Toll-free: 1 800 563 0808

TTY: 604 875 0885

Text: 604 836 6381


How can I report sexual assault?

UBC does not require a survivor to report an assault and will provide support services and necessary accommodations. A survivor can report an assault to local law enforcement, the University, neither or both. Each of the following services supports disclosure of as much information as you are able and comfortable giving while maintaining your privacy.

Reporting options:

If the assault took place on campus, it can be reported to the RCMP UBC Detachment. 

Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) UBC Detachment

2990 Wesbrook Mall 

Vancouver, Canada

Tel: 604 224 1322


If the assault took place off campus, it can be reported to the police department or law enforcement agency for the district where the assault occurred. 

If the assault was committed by any UBC employee, and it occurred on or, in certain circumstances, off campus, the assault can be brought to the Equity and Inclusion Office, which will work with Human Resources or Faculty Relations and the unit involved on support, reporting, and investigation. 

Equity and Inclusion Office

Brock Hall

Room 2306 - 1874 East Mall 

Vancouver,  BC Canada V6T 1Z1

Tel: 604 822 6353

Fax: 604 822 3260


Equity and Inclusion works with the University to create an inclusive living and learning environment in which all students can thrive.

If the assault took place on campus or, in certain circumstances, off campus, and the assault was committed by a UBC student, it can be reported to the Student Conduct Manager or Campus Security under the Student Code of Conduct.

UBC Student Conduct Manager or Campus Security

UBC Non-Academic Student Misconduct, Student Services

Tel: 604 822 1602

Campus Security

Tel: 604 822 2222

Assistance with reporting

Student support professionals in the Office of the Vice-President, Students can work with students to put the appropriate supports and accommodations in place, provide information on reporting options, and facilitate the reporting process should a student choose to make a report. Please contact the Office of the Vice-President, Students at 604 827 2565 or email

Counselling ServicesStudent Health Services, a Residence Life Manager, the Equity and Inclusion Office, or the Student Conduct Manager can also provide information on reporting options, and facilitate the reporting process should a student choose to make a report.

The AMS Sexual Assault Support Centre can also inform survivors about reporting options, and what to expect after making a report. They can also accompany survivors to RCMP or University offices.

Academic accommodations following sexual assault

Advising offices can work with survivors to support their studies, including providing academic concessions as appropriate. Survivors can choose whether to disclose a sexual assault or instead state that they have experienced a personal crisis.