IBPOC Wellness Mentors

Empower yourself to navigate and advocate for your own health and wellbeing within the communities in which you live and learn.

About the IBPOC Wellness Mentors

The IBPOC Mentors program was a pilot program for the 2021/22 academic year and has now ended.

If you identify as Indigenous, Black, or as a Persons of Colour, IBPOC Wellness Mentors are here to support your wellbeing.

As trained undergraduate and graduate student staff, IBPOC Wellness Mentors are available to have supportive one-on-one or group mentorship conversations with students online.

Meet the mentors

Top reasons to attend

  • Connect with other IBPOC students
  • Reflect on your experiences and gain perspective and knowledge on wellbeing
  • Learn skills to navigate and manage your health and wellbeing

IBPOC Self Care/Community Care Fridays

Students who identify as being Indigenous, Black or a Person of Colour are invited to take a break from the hustle of being a student and do something for themselves. Reflect on the process and share the end product with someone in your community.

Activities will change week to week. Please register online and follow @UBCWellnessCentre on Instagram to find out what the activity will be. This is an opportunity to connect with other IBPOC students and chat about what it’s like to navigate health and wellbeing as an IBPOC student.

If you have questions