First-year English requirements

Students in most undergraduate programs will have to take first-year English courses, which require that students write the Language Proficiency Index (LPI) exam if they don't meet exemption criteria.

There are multiple ways to be exempt from writing the LPI, but if your program requires first-year English, and you do not meet the LPI exemptions, you'll have to take the LPI test.​

The following are not LPI exemptions:

  • Speaking English as a first language

  • Writing proficiency tests used for admissions such as TOEFL and IELTS

Do I have to write the LPI?

  1. Find out if your program requires first-year English by checking your faculty website. Many students in the Faculty of Arts won’t need 100-level English if their program or other courses meet the writing requirement.
  2. If you need first-year English, find out if you are exempt from writing the LPI.
  3. If you aren't exempt, you'll have to write the LPI test.

Writing the LPI exam

  1. Register for the LPI exam

    You can register online for the LPI, which is administered by Paragon Testing and has sittings in the Lower Mainland and across BC.

  2. Write the LPI exam by the deadline

    Deadlines depend on when you're taking English. If you're taking English in Winter Term 1 (September - December), the deadline will be as early as July. You can find detailed deadline information under FAQ #4 on the English Department FAQs.

    If you wait to take your first-year English courses until Term 2 (January - April), you can register for the October sitting on campus.

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