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Message from Louise Cowin, Vice President, Students

louise cowin

Allow me to take this opportunity to welcome you and your student to the UBC community. I am proud to say that ours’ is a community that is built on mutual respect, where everyone is encouraged to look out for and support one another.

At UBC there are a number of people on campus who are dedicated to supporting your student’s wellbeing. In addition to the network they have in residence, a wide range of resources and services exist across campus that are designed to help your student be the best they can be while at UBC and beyond, from health services to career building, and everything in between.

But the success of your student during their time at UBC is also up to them, and the choices they make while they’re here. As part of their orientation, we ask all students to imagine the possibilities of what they can achieve while they’re at UBC. We tell them that their time at this university will be whatever they make it, that it’s up to them. And of course this is true, but they can’t do it without you.

You play a crucial role in supporting your student’s university experience. So I ask that you take the time to familiarize yourself with resources and opportunities available to your student by browsing Be open to the possibilities and potential of your student. Above all, I ask that you encourage them to learn about and take full advantage of the opportunities that being at UBC offers – both on and off campus. In doing so, they will have a truly rich university experience.

With that, I would like to wish you and your student the very best for the exciting years ahead. 

If your student is new to UBC


Please be advised that once a student submits their application to UBC, the university is legally forbidden to discuss their records or experiences with anyone, including parents or guardians. The university has a legal obligation to keep all personal student information confidential. Learn more about the legislation that governs our responsibilities.

Parents of students living in residence

If your student is moving into residence, refer to this page on the UBC Housing website to learn about the opportunities, resources, programs, and support available in UBC residences, and how these can enhance your student's university experience. You are also invited to review these frequently asked questions regarding housing assignments.

Parents of prospective students interested in attending UBC

More information about academic programs, admission requirements, tuition and applying to UBC, can be found on