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Your Jump Start experience

The basics

Jump Start contains academic, social and logistical components designed to help introduce you to the university, your Faculty and new friends. You will be grouped into a Faculty-specific Learning Community, and will participate in the majority of activities in this group.

The plan

What to expect day to day

During Jump Start you will be given a detailed schedule with everything you will need to know. Here's an example of a typical day during the program.

7:30 am - 9:30 am
Morning Meet up
9:15 am - 9:30 am
Meet with your Learning Community & Orientation Leader to start off your day.
Learning Community Session
10:00 am - 12:00 pm
Time with your peers and Orientation Leaders led by your Faculty Fellow. Participate in large group lectures and small groups where you will start to experience the differences and similarities between UBC and the academic culture you’re coming to UBC from.
12:00 pm - 2:00 pm
Workshops/Learning Labs/Advising/Faculty Socials
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
A whole variety of different events aimed at giving you the connections, resources, and tools to be succesful at UBC.
5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Evening Socials
8:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Everything from Exploring Vancouver to Movie Nights. You'll get a chance to make new friends.

Types of activities

Each day offers a mixture of high energy and relaxing events for you to choose from according to your comfort level. Examples of the type of activities you will attend during the program include:


  • Daily conversations with your Learning Community student leaders about the skills and tools you'll need to be successful in your Faculty's unique learning environment
  • Attending daily Learning Community meetings with our esteemed group of Faculty Fellows
  • Getting to know your Faculty Academic Advisor and working with them to ensure you have chosen the right courses for you
  • Participating in large group lectures and small group learning labs where you will start to experience the differences and similarities between UBC and the academic culture you’re coming to UBC from   
  • The opportunity to connect with language resources on campus, should you need additional English language support


  • Explore Vancouver: Getting to know this beautiful city you'll soon be calling home
  • Share IT:  Showcasing your visual, written, and/or multimedia presentations and performances  on the subject of home, love or community through this signature Jump Start event
  • Dance Night: Get your dancing shoes on to learn some Salsa and Rumba moves
  • Open Mic Night: The budding performers amongst you will be invited to showcase your musical and poetic talents
  • Recreation Day: Engage in some friendly competition, learn about a few new ways to get active, as well as the places on campus that can help you stay active


  • Applying for BC’s Medical Services Plan (MSP)
  • Opening a bank account
  • Setting up a phone
  • Getting orientated to campus
  • Get settled into residence


What students are saying

Jump Start was an amazing experience. It gave me time to settle into university and to familiarize myself with the campus before classes began. My Jump Start leaders were fun and supportive. They were mentors to me throughout my first year. Most of the friends that I am close to right now are the friends that I made in jumpstart. Before local students come in you are able to find international students who you have something in common with and bond with them because of jumpstart. I was able to explore campus with my learning community in jumpstart which I wouldn’t have done if I arrived late and was alone.


Before I embarked on my journey at UBC, I have read so many positive things about Jump Start Program. All the comments I have read informed me on importance of Jump Start as a first step in my life at UBC. People told me that it would be the most important and beautiful experience of my life. I have never truly understood the honesty of those words until I experienced Jump Start myself. It was remarkable to me how fast I managed to make friends. One of my greatest fears was that I wouldn’t be able to assimilate and find myself comfortable in a new environment. However, I haven’t encountered any of these problems. One of the most surprising things about Jump Start was how welcoming and polite people were. There was no judgement, no hostility. It was truly beautiful and inspiring to see how friendly people were; from our learning community and orientation leaders to other fellow students. Each activity I have participated in proved to be of uttermost importance later throughout the entire first year. I did not realize that until later in the year. Everything our Learning Community leaders shared with us, each advice and academic tip was what really helped me through my first year. In all honestly, Jump Start truly was one of the life changing and most essential experiences that I would recommend to every international student to participate in.


Faculty fellows

Faculty fellows are an integral part of the Jump Start experience. The program's intimate setting allows participants to have valuable face-to-face interactions with professors and receive coaching on how to prepare for university-level coursework without being hemmed in by the constructs of a 'typical' classroom.

The research is clear: making friends and connecting with faculty are two of the most powerful indicators for student success during the crucial first-year transition.

Learn more about Jump Start faculty here.

What our faculty fellows are saying:

As a student, I would have liked more discussion about how classes were run before being thrown into them! That’s one of the things we do in Jump Start. We talk about study skills, and how to be self-motivated and independent in approaching your education.

Lisa Coulthard, Associate Professor, Department of Theatre and Film, Faculty of Arts

I can see the direct impact that this experience has on students over the school year. There are always a few students who come back to me. They close my door, sit down and share some of the things that have been going on. I just listen and guide them where I can. That connection is what keeps me coming back. It’s an amazing feeling, that what we’re doing here affects the lives of our students.

Naoko Ellis, Professor, Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Faculty of Applied Science

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