Prepare your quarantine (self-isolation) plan

All travellers to Canada must self-isolate upon arrival. UBC has a self-isolation program to help.

Your quarantine (self-isolation) plan

Anyone entering Canada must quarantine for 14 days upon arrival. If you have any COVID-19 symptoms, you will not be permitted to travel to or enter Canada. You will need to quarantine even if you have provided a negative COVID-19 PCR or LAMP test result.

You are responsible for arranging your own quarantine plan, and you must satisfy the CBSA officer that you have made appropriate quarantine arrangements to enter Canada. You must bring documents relating to your quarantine plans and present them to the officer when you arrive.

You will also need to wear a non-medical mask or face covering on your flight and keep it on until you get to your place of isolation.

Your self-isolation plan must consider:

  • The location of your 14-day quarantine
  • How you will travel to your quarantine location
  • Arrangements for your necessary support such as food, medication, child care, or cleaning supplies

Creating your quarantine plan

When making your quarantine plan, carefully review and follow these guidelines:

See ordering food in self-isolation for helpful options and resources. 

If you are planning on bringing medication or health products with you, check that the quantity or type is not restricted. See tips on traveling with medication

If you require a prescription during self-isolation, you can request a phone appointment with a clinic, such as Student Health Service and University Village Medical and Dental Clinic (both accept iMED). Some pharmacies deliver prescriptions, such as University Pharmacy (accepts iMED), Pharmacy BC and London Drugs.  

If you have questions about your quarantine plan

Contact Service BC for guidance—you can find their contact information on the right side of their page.

Submit your quarantine plan

After you’ve created your quarantine plan, you are required to submit your plan through the following forms:

  • ArriveCAN mobile app
    All travelers entering Canada must submit their quarantine plan through the ArriveCAN mobile app within 48 hours before arriving in Canada. This can also give you faster processing at the airport upon arrival. Save proof of having submitted your information, such as a printout or screenshot of the app on your phone, as you might need to show this to airline staff before boarding a flight.
  • British Columbia’s (BC) Self-Isolation form
    All travelers arriving in BC must submit their quarantine plan online before or after arriving in British Columbia.

UBC Self-isolation packages and resources

See tips and resources on how to self-isolate, access food, stay physically active and mentally healthy and more on UBC’s Self-Isolation Information website

If you need a place to live while you quarantine for 14 days, UBC provides on-campus self-isolation packages that include accommodation, meals, as well as planning and self-care resources.  Off-campus options are also available.

Starting March 1, 2021, UBC will be charging for all new UBC Self-Isolation Package reservations. This means that if your reservation begins on Feb 28, you will receive one night free and be charged for all subsequent days.

See accommodation options

Getting to your place of isolation from the airport

This information is accurate as of January 18, 2021, and is subject to change. Follow the latest updates on travel restrictions due to COVID-19. See also CBSA's updates on travel for non-Canadians.