Audience sitting in the Chan Centre

Conference Archives

SLC 2021 - a Virtual Conference

SLC 2020 - (un)filtered

Closing Keynote: Dylan Marron

SLC 2019 - Beyond Your Lines

Closing Keynote: Kim Katrin Milan

SLC 2018 - Create Momentum

Opening Keynote: Gabrielle Scrimshaw

Closing Keynote: George Stroumboulopoulos

SLC 2017 - Disrupt Ordinary

Opening Keynote: Michael Griffin

Closing Keynote: Jessica Jackley

SLC 2016 - Make History

Opening Keynote: Rick Hansen

Closing Keynote: Wab Kinew

SLC 2015 - The Next Step

Opening Keynote: Shaifali Puri

Closing Keynote: Derreck Kayongo

SLC 2014 - Be Infinite

Opening Keynote: Peter van Stolk

Closing Keynote: Waneek Horn-Miller

SLC 2013 - Unwritten

Opening Keynote: Luca "Lazylegz" Patuelli

Closing Keynote: Frank Warren

SLC 2012 - Breakthrough

Opening Keynote: Sarah Kay

Closing Keynote: Neil Pasricha

SLC 2011 - Rethinking Leadership

Opening Keynote: Drew Dudley

Closing Keynote: The Buried Life

SLC 2010 - Think Change. Press Play.

Opening Keynote: Shayne Koyczan

Closing Keynote: Lieutenant-General Roméo A. Dallaire

SLC 2009 - Synergy

Closing Keynote: Roberta Bondar

SLC 2008 - Activation Energy

Closing Keynote: Stephen Lewis

SLC 2007 - Elements of Leadership

Opening Keynote: Severn Cullis-Suzuki

Closing Keynote: Michelle Dagnino

SLC 2006 - SHIFT

Opening Keynote: Geordie Aitken

Closing Keynote: Justin Trudeau

SLC 2005 - Ripples of Change

Opening Keynote: The Extreme Kindness Project

Closing Keynote: Tony Araujo

SLC 2004 - Choose Your Adventure

Opening Keynote: Nikki Skuce

Closing Keynote: Lesra Martin

SLC 2003 - Building Bridges in Our Community

Opening Keynote: Nancy Bradshaw

Closing Keynote: Craig Kielburger