SLC 2017 - Disrupt Ordinary

Disrupt Ordinary 2017

As one of the largest student-run conferences in Canada, the Student Leadership Conference (SLC) is an opportunity to explore your abilities, a hub for amazing individuals in the community, and a platform that inspires action. The SLC features well-known keynote speakers, workshops, featured presenters, and highlighted projects which all revolve around this year’s theme, Disrupt Ordinary. Disruption focuses on creating change and testing limits now, in order to build a better future than the one expected. 

As a student, you have chosen to be a part of a world-class university, but how can you help raise that standard? How can you break the pattern of complacency? To grow, you must be willing to challenge societal norms through the generation of new ideas and action. Disruption refuses to be passive. How will you Disrupt Ordinary?

Mission Statement

The Student Leadership Conference (SLC) will facilitate a collaborative and inclusive educational environment, which will inspire the campus community, provide valuable peer-to-peer learning experiences, and engage students as they share and develop their leadership skills effectively. The SLC will provide delegates the means to expand their individual leadership potential as well as avenues to apply those skills, on individual and group levels, within the global community while embodying social, economical, and environmentally sustainable practices.