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Concurrent programming is sorted into six different streams that delegates can choose from. Each stream features sessions that complement one another to provide a more cohesive experience for delegates.

See the streams below for more information:

(un)define Your Leadership

Incredible leadership is rooted in growth through experience and reflection. This stream challenges you to put a new filter on your leadership experiences. You will critically examine the way you lead and reflect on the role that novel experiences and perspectives play in building effective campus and community leaders.

Leadership (un)bound

Every leadership journey begins with curiosity and the desire to grow. In this stream, you are encouraged to leverage your experience and values to discover what sparks passion in your leadership. You will learn about campus opportunities and meet incredible UBC leaders to support this journey.

(un)cover Vulnerability

As leaders, we often use filters to create the image we present to those around us. By discarding these filters, this stream will broaden your ability to shape a healthy campus culture and enhance your mental health literacy. You will gain skills to overcome failure, support others in your network, and see strength in vulnerability.

(un)derstand your Filters

In creating a positive campus culture, leaders must consider how power, privilege, and identity impact one’s ability to engage within their community. By investigating how personal identities are selectively filtered, both by individuals and by society, you will gain skills to more effectively create spaces and facilitate conversations that leverage diverse perspectives.

(un)leash the Possible

Where is your leadership taking you? This stream explores how to translate your skills and experiences into career building blocks. You will practice filtering your leadership roles into meaningful stories of personal and professional growth, and learn to translate the skills you’re developing now into your future.

(un)learn History

Before moving forward, leaders must understand and reflect on context. In collaboration with the Xwi7xwa Library, this stream invites you to consider how filters (such as policy and systems) have impacted Indigenous communities and consequently shaped identities and narratives in historical and contemporary settings. You will think critically to (un)learn beliefs that these actions are a practice of the past.