SLC 2020 Unfiltered Banner

Student Leadership Conference

As one of the largest student-run conferences in Canada, the Student Leadership Conference (SLC) is an opportunity to explore your abilities, a hub for amazing individuals in the community, and a platform that inspires action.

Registrations now open!

This year's Student Leadership Conference will be on Saturday, January 11th 2020. Registrations are now open via UBC CareersOnline. Please refer to this registration guide to get you started!

Our Theme for the 2020 SLC Conference: (un)filtered

This year’s theme (un)filtered challenges delegates to deconstruct the “filters” that shape communities and narratives, as well as those that are self-imposed. We celebrate leaders who interrogate these filters by affirming diverse perspectives, overcoming set-backs, and conquering challenging conversations.

The colours used in the design provide a stark and dynamic contrast to the grey background. The mosaic pattern contained inside the large circle serves to symbolize the various identities we hold as both a society and individuals. While the disjointed nature of the design produces a sense of discomfort and complexity, a consistent colour palette and geometrically aligned grid serves to unify these otherwise dichotomous squares.

The circle surrounding the colourful mosaic serves as a "filter" similar to one used on a camera lens. This "filter" exposes intricacies that are not otherwise visible and shows how perceptions can differ depending on the filters we use.

The placement of ‘un’ inside the brackets, while ‘filtered’ is placed outside, differentiates how the prefix of ‘un-‘ drastically alters the meaning and significance of the word.

The Design

Mission Statement

The Student Leadership Conference (SLC) will facilitate a collaborative and inclusive educational environment, which will inspire the campus community, provide valuable peer-to-peer learning experiences, and engage students as they share and develop their leadership skills effectively. The SLC will provide delegates the means to expand their individual leadership potential as well as avenues to apply those skills, on individual and group levels, within the global community while embodying social, economical, and environmentally sustainable practices.