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Award Winners

Nestor Korchinsky

In honour of Nestor Korchinsky, the founder of UBC REC, the Nestor Korchinsky Award is intended to recognize one student who has demonstrated outstanding commitment to student leadership and service to his or her community. The recipient for the Nestor Korchinsky Award will be announced at the closing ceremony of the conference in January.

Previous SLC 2019 Nestor Korchinsky Award Winner

Faces of Today

The Faces of Today Awards are intended to recognize outstanding student leaders for their sustained leadership achievements and their efforts to innovate, improve and shape the life on and off campus. Every year, 8 student leaders are selected as the Faces of Today and announced as the recipients before the conference.

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Sharon Shamuyarira is in her 4th year at UBC pursing a Bachelor of Commerce, specializing in Organizational Behavior and Human Resources as well as Business Technology Management at the Sauder School of Business. Sharon is one of the sixty UBC recipients of the prestigious MasterCard Foundation Scholarship. In line with this, she has served as President of the UBC Africa Business Club, highlighting emerging business opportunities on the continent. She is a talented orator and has been honored to be one of the featured speakers for the Walrus Talks on Africa’s Next Generation and Jumpstart Opening Ceremonies where she addressed 4000 first year students.

As a natural community builder, Sharon serves as a UBC Senior Residence Advisor, helping build community for over sixty upper year students. This year, she is proud to be a COMM 290, Quantitative Decision-Making Teaching Assistant, in her words she gets to help students “excel at Excel.”

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Lindsay is pursuing a UBC Master’s degree focused on neonatal medicine and perinatal epidemiology, serves on two Faculty of Medicine committees, is a Friedman Scholar in Health, and was featured in UBC's National brand campaign this year for tackling society’s largest challenges with research on the opioid overdose crisis and designing innovative solutions to ensure the wellbeing of infants born following opioid exposure.

Lindsay is a leader in finding innovative ways to empower kids in need as the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of the YNOTFORTOTS Society, and the Executive Director, Chair & Co-Founder of SuperYOU Day Events. She is also a provincially licensed paramedic, an aquatics supervisor, has volunteered with 10 community organizations, and held executive positions for 3 UBC clubs.

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Zeba is a fourth year Bachelor of Science candidate at UBC, studying Integrated Sciences (Physiology and Behavioural Neuroscience). She is a staunch believer of equal access to healthcare for all, Zeba is devoted to advocating for free access to menstruation care products. As the founder of PERIOD. at UBC and the Regional Director of the global organization PERIOD INC., Zeba and her team is responsible for providing up to 2000 units of free menstruation products across Canada every month.

Zeba is also the co-founder of an organization called World Awareness Initiative Foundation, which provides a platform for young leaders and activists to work together. In the last two years, Zeba has been acknowledged in two clinical publications for her contribution to a research study, and is currently working on her own research project at St. Paul’s hospital with Dr. Beigi. Recently, Zeba attended the Women Leaders in Global Health conference in UK with a full scholarship, where she connected with women leaders from all over the world. Zeba hopes to continue going beyond her lines, advocating for youth leadership and access to quality healthcare.

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Kennedy has been conducting research on homelessness for three years, he also co-founded a community action to redistribute the leftover food from campus to the homeless community. As a sociology student studying at such a prestigious university, Kennedy hopes his works could bring up the voices of the marginalized to the public and theoretical discussions, to help build a more inclusive community.

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Vivian is a medical student recognized as a National Schulich Scholar, UBC Major Entrance Scholarship winner, TEDx speaker, and Canadian WE Day ambassador for the Canada150 Celebrations. Locally, she heads her own non-profit organization, The HOPE Initiative which works to empower communities in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver.

She also spent the past summer working at the World Health Organization in Geneva in the Special Programme for Tropical Diseases Research and in South Africa and Zimbabwe implementing the WHO HealthWISE toolkit to prevent infectious disease transmission for workers in low-resource settings. She hopes to dedicate her life to improving healthcare accessibility and reducing social inequalities for vulnerable population groups.

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Rodney is involved with both his community on UBC and on his reserve Piikani Nation, Niitsitapi. Rodney is a member of the UBC Indigenous Committee. He feels compelled to speak up on many academic & professional decisions made on my behalf and others in what ever demographic he may be a part of at that time.

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Shakti is in her fifth year at UBC, in Geography's Environment & Sustainability program. She is passionate about sustainable food systems, energy and climate justice, and empowering young people to advocate for urgent climate action. In her previous role as Co-Director of Common Energy, she championed a systems-thinking approach to sustainability work that aims to create change at multiple levels, from individuals to institutions. Currently, she is working with the UBC Sustainability Collective on strategies for food and animal agriculture-related emissions to be accounted for in UBC's climate action commitments.

Shakti has also worked with members of the Sustainability Collective to help launch the UBC Climate Hub. Outside of her work on campus, Shakti works as a Projects Coordinator for Student Energy, a global charity working to empower the next generation of energy leaders. Shakti is grateful for the wonderful community at UBC that she has found through her sustainability work on campus, for being a constant source of inspiration and motivation.

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Nathan is a fourth year student studying Human Geography. Throughout all of his involvements, he looks for opportunities to grow through collaboration and community. Nathan is a Residence Advisor, one of his roles is to help first-year residents at UBC make connections with their peers and with opportunities at UBC.

Nathan is also a Senior Student Ambassador, he helps to support prospective students in determining if UBC is the best school for them. For him, one of the most important communities in his UBC experience is The Breakfast Club at UBC which works to build healthy communities through healthy living and physical activities (and also breakfast)!

Showcase Awards

The Showcase Award aims to recognize student-led initiatives across campus that have contributed positively to the UBC community and have the potential to impact the community with a pressing cause or issue.

Previous 2019 SLC Showcase Award Winners

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Project Imagine UBC is powered by a collective of student volunteers dedicated to passion projects that apply sustainable designs to environmental issues.  Currently, one of our largest projects is a monthly pop-up thrift shop called “Get Thrifty”. Get Thrifty is entirely operated by student volunteers that promotes cyclical usage through selling used clothing, books, and misc. household items. Their ultimate goal is to establish a permanent location for Get Thrifty.

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URO is a UBC student organization that connects undergraduate students at any level of research experience with a variety of resources, programs, events, and opportunities. We involve students in the world of research and help them discover what opportunities lie ahead. To name a few, we offer a one-on-one peer advising service, an international undergraduate journal, a research conference travel grant, informational workshops, and a mentorship program where students pursue research topics with the guidance of a graduate student mentor.

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Roots on the Roof is a 100% student-run club that manages the rooftop garden space and the community garden plots on the roof of the AMS Student Nest. Founded in 2014, they are focused on creating community-minded experiences and opportunities for personal empowerment that also incorporate concepts of food justice and food security. They facilitate student and community capacity around food by producing food as sustainably as possible, and by hosting events and workshops that encourage interactions around food, culture, health, and sustainability.  By engaging with UBC’s diverse community, they hope to provide an avenue for knowledge sharing that enables dynamic ways to approach food system issues.

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UBC WHI improves the health of women at every stage of their lives through education, outreach, mentorship and fundraising. It was started in 2012 by a medical student who saw the need for more education and outreach regarding women’s health in the UBC Medicine community. Through speaker series, round-tables, and workshops the WHI aims to expand awareness about topical issues in women’s health to complement the learning medical students receive. The WHI also works in outreach, specifically with educating underprivileged populations about women’s health. In the long term they hope this creates safe and comfortable health care spaces for women.