A crowd of people in the Chan Centre reception area

Award Winners

Nestor Korchinsky

In honour of Nestor Korchinsky, the founder of UBC REC, the Nestor Korchinsky Award is intended to recognize one student who has demonstrated outstanding commitment to student leadership and service to his or her community. The recipient for the Nestor Korchinsky Award will be announced at the closing ceremony of the conference in January.

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Faces of Today

The Faces of Today Awards are intended to recognize outstanding student leaders for their sustained leadership achievements and their efforts to innovate, improve and shape the life on and off campus. Every year, 8 student leaders are selected as the Faces of Today and announced as the recipients before the conference.

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Showcase Awards

The Showcase Award aims to recognize student-led initiatives across campus that have contributed positively to the UBC community and have the potential to impact the community with a pressing cause or issue.

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