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The Conference

Learn more about the SLC and what to expect on the day-of!

What happens at the SLC?

Save the Date!

This year, the Student Leadership Conference will take place on Saturday, January 11th 2020.


A Keynote speaker is selected each year for the Opening Ceremony. These individuals come from a wide range of backgrounds and each speak with a unique voice, however they are all sought out for their ability to provoke thought, entertain, and inspire.


SLC programs are divided into 6 different streams that delegates can choose from. Each stream features sessions that complement one another to provide a more cohesive experience for delegates. 

Featured Presenters

Featured Presenters are notable leaders who make a positive impact in their community. They are invited to share about their work, passions and skills. 


Panels are composed of multiple presenters who bring their own experiences and levels of expertise to a conversation about a singular topic. They range from professors, to community-initiative representatives, to UBC campus organizations and help to create an engaging learning environment by encouraging questions from you.


Workshops are sessions focused on introducing you to initiatives, stories, and new ways of thinking. Run by students, staff, and alumni, these sessions vary greatly in topic and provide an opportunity for you to implement the skills they have learned during the session.

Living Libraries

The Living Library sessions give you a chance to "take out" a notable leader in our community, like a library book.  Living Library presenters will facilitate a discussion about a topic, theme or question they have experience with and are interested in. 

Design Challenge

For delegates who have been to the SLC once or more, this will be a different way of engaging leaders to think in a critical way about a gap that already exists on the UBC campus. The Design Challenge will take place in an interactive creative space and provide an opportunity for you to reflect on their experiences as a student leader, and to use transferable skills they already have.


Lunch is a chance to take a break and connect with new people. You'll have time to grab lunch and explore the Involvement Fair and particpate in a student- led activity. The order is up to you.


Nestor Korchinsky Award

In honour of Nestor Korchinsky, the founder of UBC REC, the Nestor Korchinsky Award recognizes one student who has demonstrated outstanding commitment to student leadership and service to their community. 

Faces of Today Awards

The Faces of Today Awards are intended to recognize exceptional student leaders for their sustained leadership achievements and their efforts to innovate, improve and shape the life on and off campus. Eight students are chosen every year.

From the Archives:

Our co-chairs from SLC 2019!