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Workshops are sessions focused on introducing initiatives, stories, and new ways of thinking to delegates. Run by students, staff, and alumni, these sessions vary greatly in topic and host around 40 delegates in each session offering an interactive learning experience for those in attendance. There will also be workshop sessions that aim to give delegates a more hands-on experience. Delegates are given the opportunity to not only learn, but also implement the skills they have gained during the session.

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(un)learn History

Systemic Resistance, Self- Liberation: Decolonial Learning and Emotional Empowerment

Presenter: Sagorika Haque

Understand we are all living history. How do we utilize our lived experiences to make impact in our social arenas, professional and personal? What roles can we play in eroding cultures of shame, stigma, and suffering? Through exploring the intricacies of navigating post-colonial existence during the daunting urgency of our present moment, learn how to draw strength from within yourself through meaningful critical introspection, productive empathy, and inner work. Discover the complicated need for self-care; recognize and reframe your relationship with self-worth and the world around you. Access the power of now.

Your Histories Matter: Winter COunt: Maistoo'Awaastaan's Apatohsiikani History (1968- 2019)

Presenter: Maistoo’a waastaan “Crow Flag”, Rodney Little Mustache

History is a matter of perspective. Usually it is told from that of the victor, but in all cases it is from the viewpoint of the writer” Paul M Raczka,

Truth, Reconciliation, Power and Place have entered the nations psyche in the past few years. As new relationships are needed between groups who for many years have had to deal with the ugliness of Racism, Exclusion and Disrespect. As people of the land begin accept and deal with the truth of Genocide; new histories will be added to what has not been taught in classrooms. These additional histories which are written, are in song or in pictographs are more important as the ones taught in classrooms, as they are from the original peoples of the land – the First Nations.

Following in the footsteps of my Great-Great Grandfather Stumiksisapo (Bull Plume) historian who created 2 Winter Counts that documented the history of our people the Apatohsipiikani, I have added to history my own view on it.
What is your history? How would you document it in your own way?

Collaborative Learning: Resources and Tools for Decolonization and Reconciliation

Presenter: Keirra Webb & Julia Poissant, CTLT- Indigenous Initiatives

As a student leader on UBC Vancouver Campus it is likely that you’ve encountered situations regarding Indigenous topics that you’ve deemed problematic, yet been unsure of how to respond. In this activity-based workshop we will develop some tools to help you understand your own and others’ positionality in relation to the unceded Musqueam lands upon which UBC resides. By taking these early steps in expanding our practices, we open up space to discuss the responsibilities we have to movements of decolonization and reconciliation on campus and within our lives. This workshop will be an exercise in co-learning, as settler students, Julia and Keirra guide the conversation based off of their work with CTLT Indigenous Initiatives on two projects: IN/Relation and What I Learned in Class Today.  Let’s support each other in reflecting on what it means to live and learn on these lands, as we position ourselves, as student leaders, in these important conversations of accountability.

Leadership (un)bound

A Better World, By Girls: Meaningful Youth Partnerships to Create Change

Presenter: Diamond Isinger, Provincial Commissioner, Girl Guides of Canada, with BC youth co-presenters

The Girl Guides of Canada is focused on creating A Better World, By Girls through empowering programs, reaching 18,000 current members across BC.

With 100+ years of history, GGC strives to make a difference in the lives of girls and women and contribute to a better world – but Girl Guides knows that outcomes are strongest for girls when girls themselves can define what their better world looks like and act upon it, supported by adult catalysts.

In this session, BC Girl Guides will lead participants through interactive activities that explore effective tactics for listening to girls/youth, strategies to amplify their voices, and ideas to collaborate with youth to create change.

Following this workshop, university students and young professionals can become enthusiastic catalysts for youth empowerment. Knowledge gained will be an asset in studies, work, or volunteerism involving youth, community action, and/or corporate social responsibility, and would look terrific on any CV.

EXCELerate Your Breath

Presenter: Hassan Packir, First Year Experience Coordinator

Do you have a slight to moderate fear of Microsoft Excel (Spreadsheetphobia™)? Does the thought of Excel bring feelings of nausea/dismay? Tired of rhetorical questions? Learn how to use Excel in a meaningful/practical way. This session will cover several functions of Excel and allow you to practice those techniques with real word examples. Topics will include: Conditional Formatting, Complex Formulas and Pivot Tables. Any level of experience is welcome, but this session is designed to those who have little experience with Excel.

Remember to bring a laptop running windows or macOS with Excel (any version) installed.

Adulting (Un)filtered

Presenter: Vince Lok

Students work hard to graduate at the end of their program. Between the walk across the stage and settling into employment, students suddenly find themselves "adulting." Before the transition into independent adulthood, take the opportunity to hear about what that's like from a UBC alum who had been enrolled in school for 23 consecutive years and is now finally (gingerly) embracing (accepting) the immersion into adult life. In this workshop, explore four questions that can guide you through a fulfilling journey after graduation.

The Power of Being A Student

Presenter: Aidan O’Callahan, Multidisciplinary Undergraduate Research Projects in Health

Take this workshop if you are willing to challenge yourself and critically think about your unique positioning and potential in and outside academia. Propel and reshape your leadership skills by learning how to network in an (un)filtered way and rediscover the importance of an academic niche. Participate as a student leader in guided activities and learn about how you might be able to tackle problems with multidisciplinary solutions!

Creating Safer Spaces: Tools for Party and Event Planning

Presenter: Presenter: Ariana Barer, Educator, SVPRO & Amanda Unruh, Health Promotion Specialist 

This workshop is an opportunity for student leaders to critically reflect on and consider our social event and party environments and develop strategies to take a proactive role in the cultural shift toward creating safer spaces that reduce harms and contribute to a culture of consent. This workshop will also cover resources available in the UBC community to support student leaders working to create safer spaces. Participants will discuss event organizers’ responsibilities to guests and how leadership teams can have clear plans and responses to address problematic behaviour at parties and events, identify the broader social context that normalizes and perpetuates sexual violence and the impact this can have on our social spaces, and practice and apply bystander intervention skills for a variety of situations.

Spinning Sugar into Gold: (un)derstanding and (re)defining Leadership

Presenter: Grant Phillips-Hing

The purpose of this workshop is to redesign and redefine the way in which we associate with the concept of leadership. Leadership tends to be placed on a pedestal of unattainability, which keeps us from recognizing our attributes and strengthening them. Spinning Sugar into Gold will give you an opportunity to reflect on your experiences with leadership so far and analyze it through multiple lenses including filters which inform your leadership, how the goals you have for your leadership can be redesigned and applied in a more introspective manner. This workshop will also provide a chance to reflect on experiences of the past and find sweet moments of leadership that may not have initially recognized. Finally, we will work to conceptualize leadership with a more tangible and realizable definition that is more recognizant of factors that influence and mold it.

Creating Deeper Connections: Understand Yourself to Understand Others

Presenter: Mio Tomisawa, Student Support Specialist

We live in a world where we have to interact with people - whether as leaders, students, team members and in your work place, you can never work truly alone. One of the key hacks to become a better leader and effectively interact with the people around you is to understand yourself and in turn, understand others. In this interactive workshop, you'll learn key personality traits & values which effect your leadership style, understand and assess your current personality landscape and find the ways you can thrive in any social environment.

(un)cover Vulnerability

Openness in Leadership: The Key to a Cohesive Team

Presenter: Christina Wong & Grace Lindsey

There are so many advantages to working as a team - but how can we build a productive group dynamic and encourage cohesion? We think the answer is openness and transparency. We will deconstruct the university culture around openness and talk about what makes an ideal team. Reflect on past team experiences, your personal goals as a student leader, and create activities to promote trust and facilitate openness among your team members.

Impasta Disasta

Presenter: Brittany Runeckles & Sarah Park

Do you feel like an impasta? Do you find it di-fusilli-cult to believe you deserve success? Impastable to believe that your accomplishments are more than just flukes? Hard to feel like you tortellini belong? Share your experiences, participate in an appetizing activity that will encourage you to go beyond your lines, and find your next step to overcome imposter syndrome in your own leadership journey!

Vulnerability, Social Change, and... Theatre?

Presenter: Sahil Nandal, Lindsay Palmer, Michael Newberry, and Narges Bouzari 

The work of this session is grounded in Augusto Boal’s Theatre of the Oppressed and the adapted version, David Diamond’s Theatre for Living, a production for people to come together to reflect and understand the systems that their conflict can be rooted in. This session wields theatre techniques and games as a platform and avenue to dissect themes of vulnerability and social topics in leadership.

Why Vulnerability is True Leadership

Presenter: Anjali Dhaliwal

Being a leader is often depicted as being strong, confident, and in-control 100% of the time. Participates will learn the impact vulnerability has on team and academic environments. It’s okay not to know all the answers. Weaknesses do not make bad leaders rather stronger leaders beyond possibility. Through several activities and discussions, we’ll teach participates about the power of vulnerability and why THAT is true leadership. Participates will leave the workshop feeling inspired, confident, and more in control of their futures.

Self-Confidence and Standing Up for Yourself

Presenter: Alexander Gilmour

Do you find yourself avoiding conflict? Taking action can be extremely difficult. It can feel uncomfortable talking to someone about a problem we’re experiencing, and sometimes we just give up before saying anything. Taking action is more about your perception of the situation rather than the situation itself. Our thoughts are what keep us from acting. To gain a greater control over our thoughts and feelings, we’ll be looking at ideas about framing, cognitive biases and distortions, and perception of control. Once we are able to take action, we’ll look at ideas about persuasion and having constructive conversations—because even if you’re “right” and have good intentions, what you say and how you say it is critical to how your words will be interpreted by the other person.

Be there- For Yourself and Others

Presenter: Taylor McKee,

Learn all about youth mental health with, an incredible nationwide organization made up of over 2500 young leaders. What do you do when you or someone you love is struggling with their mental health? In attending this presentation, you will be given the skills you need to better support yourself and others with mental health, and also learn what to do in a mental health struggle or crisis. In addition, participants will be shown how they can get involved and advocate for mental health in their communities, in order to ultimately make our community a safer and healthier place.

Impromptu Speeches? Prepared Speeches? Easy.

Presenter: Jay Khian Tian

Deliver both impromptu and prepared speeches successfully all the time. An opportunity to discover your voice through the art of public speaking.

Sustainable Solutions for Single Use Plastics

Presenter: Maneezhay Hasmi and Mikhail Antyukhov, Engineers without Borders

A solution from an engineering perspective, with a focus on manufacturing methods, material selection and cost perspective, will be explored. The discussion will lead to mapping a more holistic solution system to explore the different stakeholders and how they impact this issue. Attendees will be given a stakeholder to represent, with background on their perspective of the issue. There will be a short discussion to gauge how all stakeholders feel about the engineering solution. We hope to make the point that while solutions can be approached from a single perspective, it requires collaboration between a multitude of stakeholders to form a long-term, impactful solution.

(un)derstand Your Filters

Vulnerability, Social Change, and... Theatre?

Presenter: Sahil Nandal, Lindsay Palmer, Michael Newberry, and Narges Bouzari 

The work of this session is grounded in Augusto Boal’s Theatre of the Oppressed and the adapted version, David Diamond’s Theatre for Living, a production for people to come together to reflect and understand the systems that their conflict can be rooted in. This session wields theatre techniques and games as a platform and avenue to dissect themes of vulnerability and social topics in leadership.

When You Don't See Yourself in the Room: Navigating Leadership in Spaces Where You Are Not Represented

Presenter: Neema Rimber

Leading as an “outsider” can be hard. This workshop explores leadership from a minority lens for those who exist beyond the structure of traditional power. Whether you are a womxn, a person of color, or a member of the LGBTQ+ community - dare to take a step into exploring how your identity(s) tie into perceptions of yourself and others. Gain some practical strategies to help grow your leadership skills in spaces where you are underrepresented and situations "when you don’t see yourself in the room"

Unpacking Priviledge in Student Leadership Roles

Presenter: Yash Gurnani & Keitu Malatsi

Once upon a time, there was a race where everyone started at the same point. Over time, knowingly or unknowingly, generations started the race at different points because of institutions and systems of oppression; This meant many others were left playing catch-up. Fast forward to now... in a room full of student leaders, how comfortable are you talking about your privilege? Join us in our race as we identify and critique privilege in our roles as student leaders, and ultimately find ways to unleash equity. Please be prepared to be vulnerable and engage in conversations that may cause discomfort; This discomfort can foster self-awareness which will help you better understand privilege in this race that is life.

Leveraging Your Intercultural Environment

Presenter: Agang Tema, UBC Africa Business Club

In our ever globalizing world, intercultural competency is becoming an increasingly important and marketable skill. Here at UBC, we are exposed to people from an array of countries and cultures, and learning how to navigate this sometimes ambiguous environment can be a challenge. In this workshop, we will explore the benefits of living, working and learning in an intercultural setting. Whether the focus is on enhancing the academic experience or improving our career prospects, we will work to polish up our skills in intercultural communication and competence.

What is Beauty: How Dance Class, Instagram, and The Kardashian's Ruined My Childhood

Presenter: Makenna Zimmerman

Beauty. Is. Not. Real. Learn where beauty came from, how we came to know it, and why it's still around. By the end of this session, participants will be able to identify the root causes and key components that currently define beauty, and will also gain the skills to critique damaging norms and the harmful effects these standards of beauty can have. Through analyzing personal experience, dancing it out, and more, participants will come to know that in our own way, we are all, truly, beautiful.

Discovering Filters- "Seeing" and Speaking Without Them

Presenter: Winston Yeung & Matt Boyer

Becoming aware of the impact of your unconscious voice - From childhood and as we grow, we develop filters as we take in the environment we are exposed to; these filters shape our reality. Come find out what your filters are, where they came from and how to live with or without them. Because it’s only from being aware of the filters that we use, can we discover our true voice.

Community Action: Self Exploration

Presenter: Center for Community Engaged Learning

Understand individual viewpoints by reflecting on personal values, skills and identities as a basis for community action. Participants will explore community action as a space, opportunity and personal journey, while exploring the different roles and identities you have, outside of being a student at UBC.

Identify ways you are connected to local communities.

Learn to make connections between your own interests, values, and opportunities for community engagement in Vancouver.

Leading from the Intersections: A Framework for Mentoring Student Leaders

Presenter: Equity and Inclusion Office

We all have many layers to our identities and intersectionality is a way to understand how power and privilege interact in our lives. To be an inclusive leader we need to ask critical questions like: How does understanding your own intersectional identity help you to be a more inclusive leader? How does the intersections of race, class, gender, sexuality, and disability influence your experiences as a student leader and your leadership style?  In this workshop we will explore how you can use an intersectional approach to better understand your own leadership style and how this will help you build community. Building UBC welcoming and inclusive communities starts with us.

Workshop participants will:

Be introduced to intersectionality as a framework and its relevance to student leadership;

Examine the impacts of  privilege and dominant belief systems through reflection;

Build critical thinking skills through the lens of building community through action.

(un)leash the Possible

Translating Experiences into Assets for Jobs

Presenter: Malvika Aeron & Yoyo Lee, Career Peer Coaches

Do you ever wonder what employers are looking for walking into an interview? Learn how to translate your experiences into valuable assets that employers seek in our workshop. Through compelling storytelling, unleash your potential to showcase your skills and impress employers. Discover effective techniques to draw powerful connections between your skills and experiences, and challenge yourself to seek out leadership opportunities to propel towards your career goals.

Blue & Gold Student Council: Transform Campus and Shape Your Career

Coming soon!

Build Your Impact- Driven Brand

Presenter: Catalina Kim, Uncover Your Brand

As leaders, we are often faced with new challenges that require us to hold responsibility for our actions, words, and beliefs. Whether you know it or not, you have your own brand: your brand is how you are perceived and trusted by others, especially when you are leading a team or connecting with an audience. So, how can we ensure that our impact on others is as authentic as possible and builds trust? As a delegate of this workshop, you will be able to establish your brand purpose, voice, and identity from within, and to take responsibility for the impact and value that is given to your audience. You'll learn what makes a trusted leader, and how to leverage your own story to build your own community.

Facilitating Community Conversations

Presenter: Michael Denhamer & Shadi Mehrabi, Center for Community Engaged Learning

Participants will learn and develop the skills necessary to facilitate discussions, events, dialogues, consultations, projects, or other engagements with off-campus community members. Topics will include: intent and impact, introductory facilitation skills, and building conscientious and inclusive facilitation strategies. Through this 50 minute workshop, participants will identify the keys to successful facilitation and will have the opportunity to practice with their peers.

Taxes, the One Constant in Life

Presenter: Snigdha Bhardwaj & Prakruti Shah, UBC Tax Assistance Clinic for Students

Learn how to be self sufficient, learn how to file your taxes.

Building an Effective Relationship with your Supervisor

Presenter: Nick Thornton

This workshop will look at how students can work with their supervisors by understanding different learning styles and personalities. Emphasis will be placed on students sharing their experiences with each other and generating some best practices and setting some goals for working effectively with their supervisors.

Designing Your Life

Presenter: Kimberley Rawes & Sherry Madahzad, Center for Student Involvement and Careers    

Each day is an opportunity to think like a designer - to be curious, try things out, collaborate with others, reflect, and be mindful when making choices. In this workshop, we challenge you to think about the multiple possible futures you can design for your life and career.

Leveraging LinkedIn

Presenter: Monika Ladosz, Center for Student Involvement and Careers      

Bring your laptop to this workshop and you’ll identify key elements to an effective profile and get practice building your profile. We will also talk about how to network and research career ideas using alumni and employer profiles.

Becoming the World of Main Mall: An Introduction to Investing

Presenter: Arielle Lynn

Are you curious about investing but don’t know where to start? Are you confused about stocks and worry you aren’t good enough at math/business/stats/predicting the future? Not a problem, this workshop is designed to give you a basic introduction into the world of investing and the stock market. We will cover the benefits of investing and how to get started. We will explore what the stock market is, why you would buy stocks and who the major investors are. We will teach you how to open that stock app on your phone and understand all the charts and red/green buttons. We will practice stock analysis and how to talk to a financial advisor

(un)define Your Leadership

Mentoring and Why it Matters

Presenter: Owen Fan

Learn about what it means to be a mentor in professional and social settings and realize how impactful the role can be. Successful leaders have their own mentors and mentees which each offer different learning opportunities. Through small and large group discussions, we will define what mentoring entails, how positive connections are pivotal to the relationship between mentors and mentees, and how empowering it is to lead as a mentor. I will share from over 7 years of my experiences with NPOs that emphasize the importance of mentorship.

Tackling Global Challenges through Sustainable Leadership

Presenter: Emily White, Sirena Harrop, and Elysia Park, UBC Sustainability Ambassadors   

Be inspired to embrace sustainability as a cornerstone of your leadership practice. Learn the workings of the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals and how this framework can be used to implement social, economic, and environmental change on a personal and collective level. Leave motivated to create waves of change in pursuit of a sustainable global community.

Combatting Climate Change: From Individuals to Systemic Transformation

Presenter: Deyvika Srinivasa & Meghan Little

This workshop will discuss different scales of change needed to transform our society into one that prioritizes and promotes sustainability, justice, and wellbeing. Learning moments and activities involve recognizing the power of everyday activism, bridging knowledge and action, and fostering empathetic leadership. We all have the agency for change. The big question is: how will you play your part?

Know Your ABC's: Asset Based Community Development

Presenter: Mary Arakelyan & Erica Commons, SCI Team

You have issues you’re concerned about and communities you’d like to support, but how will you make sure your work creates lasting and meaningful change? This workshop will serve as an introduction to Asset Based Community Development – a theory of sustainable development employed at UBC and beyond. Through activities and small group work, we will define the principles of ABCD, compare and contrast ABCD with “outside in” approaches, and apply the framework to a case. Leave with ABCD in your change-making-toolkit and a new perspective on approaches to community development.

(Un)learning Challenges and Diversifying Solutions

Presenter: Candice Chan & Vanessa Chan, Arts Peer Academic Coaches

How does identity influence student leadership development and your mentoring practices?  Intersectionality is a framework to understand how power structures interact in the lives of people with diverse identities. This workshop will explore how you can use intersectionality to frame student leadership development and sharpen your skills to be more responsive in mentoring them.

The Art of Adaptability: Improv for Leaders

Presenter: Saavin Lidder

Improv isn’t just for performers - it’s also essential in leadership. In this highly engaging, interactive, and fun workshop, learn the unique tools of effective improvisation and integrate them into your leadership skill set through various games. Develop a confident, adaptive and “ready for anything” mindset that helps you create innovative solutions on the fly and apply constructive collaboration skills. Stregthen your active listening skills and learn to identify the right moment to jump in with an idea. Ultimately, foster your spontaneity to be responsive to change while leading and following.

Challenge Your Perception, Experience A New Reality

Presenter: Nicole Araujo

Become more self-aware and experience a happier, healthier state of being that allows you to develop stronger leadership skills. Explore the values, people and experiences that have contributed to your filters of understanding and shaped your perception of reality. Plant the seeds of self-reflection, grow your perspective and let your mind flourish!

Your Thinking Process, (un)filtered

Presenter: Sandy Hassoun & Yaathavan Suresh

Our workshop will require students to form groups and then build a structure which will either be inspired by a prompt which is hidden in their bag of materials. If this prompt is not found by the students, they will be building solely using their imaginations. Subsequently, the students will be given the opportunity to explain their structures in the form of a presentation delivered to the other groups. Finally, the students will be asked to interpret what each member’s thinking style is (Clarifier, ideator, developer, implementer). Ultimately, this workshop will gauge an individual's ability to identity the problem, plan methods to solve it, implement those methods, then test, reassess and troubleshoot.

Python with Applications to Daily Life

Presenter: Emily Gubski

Hey, you know that tedious, boring, repetitive task you are working on? Wouldn’t it be great if someone or something could just do it for you? Come to this workshop to learn the basics of Python (the programming language, not the snake) to be able to effectively google your way through any problem and automate those pesky tasks in your life. Need to rename a bunch of files? Send a custom email to a list of people? Search the internet for the lyrics to any song? Worry not! After going over the basics, we will fully work through an example from idea to functioning code. The possibilities are endless. 

Mitchell Prost and Lyndsay Amat

Mitchell Prost and Lyndsay Amat

Sessions Coordinators